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Micro-Nano Systems

Our devices, tools and solutions are getting smaller. 

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The CEDT facilitates study of the optical, electrical, mechanical, and biological properties of semiconductors and related materials and promotes the development of technology based on these materials.

The Micro- and Nano-System Laboratory (MNSL) at McMaster University. MNSL is a unique facility in North America offering fabrication, characterization and integration of different materials, components and devices at multiple length scales. For example, Nano-Bonding and –Interconnect System (NBIS) and Nanoimprinting Lithography System (NIL) provide fabrication and integration of nanometer scale structures and devices. Research using MNSL infrastructure spans from fundamental areas such as molecular interactions during bonding to applied relating to miniaturization of emerging systems for health and environmental applications.


Dr. Jamal Deen

Distinguished University Professor, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

The MMRI meets sophisticated research and development needs of leading manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, biomedical and consumer goods industries, along with the manufacturing tooling, coatings-surface engineering, dye and mould support industries.


Dr. Stephen C. Veldhuis

Professor, Director (MMRI) and Braley-Orlick Chair in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering

The CCEM provides world-class electron microscopy capabilities and expertise to Canadian researchers and industry working in a broad range of fields


Dr. Nabil Bassim

Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

CEPEM will assist research and development needs for Canadian companies, both existing and new, so that they can meet today’s needs for Canada but also develop the next generation of personnel protective equipment to become global leaders in the future.

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