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Bachelor of Technology (BTech) DCP

About the degree

Our unique “diploma to degree” program is tailor-made for college graduates wishing to upgrade their education and further their careers.

All eligible program entrants receive two years’ worth of advanced credit from their previously completed college diploma or university degree.


Block credit is automatically granted upon admission; start in Level 3 of your undergraduate studies.
  • Software Engineering Technology students complete their degree online
  • For all streams, select technical and management courses are periodically available online

BTech graduates have completed co-op at Bombardier, HydroOne, Imperial Oil, IBM.

  • Flexible schedule allows students to continue working throughout the degree
  • Part-time and full-time study options
  • Classes held exclusively during evenings and weekends


  • Sharmin Kassam, BTech (Civil)

    “Thanks to the program, I’ve been able to use so many skills in my current management and engineering-based role.”
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  • Whitney Jardine, BTech (Manufacturing), MEME

    “I know the experiences I gained through this program will positively influence my life for many years to come.”
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  • Andrew Aran, BTech (Software)

    “The management courses from the BTech program provided me the confidence and knowledge to pursue a start-up company.”
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  • A.B. Kayyali – BTech (Power & Energy)

    “The ability to do the program on a part-time basis in parallel to my day job made this program a great fit for me!”
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  • Tim Pollock (B.Tech., M.A.Sc.)

    “The engineering fundamentals I gained throughout the BTech Degree  Completion Program gave me a solid engineering foundation.”
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  • Tegiola Xhemalaj (B.Tech., M.Eng.)

    “My BTech degree was a great foundation for my future education!”
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  • Matthew Stringer – BTech (Software)

    “This ultimately provided me with a wider range of skills, two academic opportunities, and more future study pathways leading out of McMaster.”
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  • Nick Szymanski – BTech (Power & Energy)

    “BTech has advanced my career substantially. I began as an electrician and now can bridge the gap between engineers and tradespeople.”
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