Alumni Gallery – Faculty of Engineering

Alumni Gallery

There are many thousands of living graduates of McMaster. In their ranks are representatives of almost every trade, business or profession. Many of them have made names for themselves because of their accomplishments in their vocations and avocations. Included in this alumni ‘hall of fame’ are graduates whose names are household words; others are not as well known but their lives are just as absorbing. The Alumni Gallery is a photographic and biographical display of some of these alumni who lead interesting lives and make outstanding contributions to society.

Award recipients

BEng Computer Engineering ’98

MEng Mechanical Engineering ’72,

PhD Mechanical Engineering ’76

Mechanical Eng ’06

PHD Materials Engineering ’94

Mechanical Eng.`66, M.Eng. `68

Electrical Eng. ’70

Eng. Physics ’81

Computer Eng. ’86

Walter Booth – headshot

Mechanical Eng. ’62

Duncan Hannay - Headshot

Mechanical Eng. ’85

Chemical Eng. ’76

Mechanical Eng. ’85

Civil Eng. ’86

Electrical & Computer Eng. ’89

Materials Science & Eng. ’62

Chemical Eng. ’65

Civil Eng. ’74

Civil Eng. ’70

Electrical & Computer Eng. ’69

Electrical & Computer Eng. ’83

Mechanical Eng. ’79

Civil Eng. ’79

Civil Eng. ’65

Mechanical Eng. ’83