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Faculty Job Postings

The department of Computing and Software is hiring faculty members!

Check out our job postings link for details.

Our Areas of Specialization

Our research advances state-of-the-art computer software and hardware design, theoretical foundations of computing, and systems development. Faculty members are engaged in cross-disciplinary research at the intersection of computer science and areas such as health science, social science, business and management, and other natural science and engineering disciplines.


Kenyan women sitting.

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Computing and Software researchers Jacques Carette and Jelle Hellings join Benson Honig in layering innovative elements to expand research and training on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial skills.

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McMaster Engineering undergraduate researchers returned to the JHE lobby to share their summer projects with the community at the annual showcase event.

JHE photo

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The federal government is investing in McMaster Engineering researchers, who are working on exciting new developments in materials science, civil engineering and computing and software.

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Seminar: Dr. Jiachen Zhang Aug 28 2023 11am ITB 201

Small-scale robots: Miniature but capable robots to revolutionize healthcare