Iron ring – Faculty of Engineering
Iron ring in the foreground, with the John Hodgins Engineering Building in the background.

Iron ring

Symbolizing the engineer’s duty to maintain the highest ethical standards and to serve society with integrity, honesty and expertise.

Student smiling in a blue suit by the iron ring statue

Iron ring replacements

Iron ring replacements will continue to be done by mail.

Please note the office is not open daily. If you would like to come in and replace your iron ring, email to make an appointment.

If you are a Camp 13 obligated engineer, and you have misplaced your ring, you can replace your ring in-person or by mail for $35.00 CAD.  

To order online, fill out the replacement form and pay by credit card. Please allow 10-15 days for processing.  

If you would like to do the replacement in-person, please email to make an appointment.  

Camp XIII will offer ring exchanges only to new obligated engineers or new replacement purchases within 30 days of the processing date – please email to make arrangements.

Frequently asked questions

Eligibility for the iron ring extends to all potential BEng graduates, however students in the BTech or Computer Science programs are not eligible. 

BTech students, including those with MEng, MASc, or PhD degrees, must fulfill eligibility criteria by completing PEO challenge exams before being eligible to receive the iron ring. 

For more information, please refer to the comprehensive guide for BTech students.

The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer – Camp 13 Iron Ring Ceremony will take place on Friday March 22, 2024 at McMaster University in the Burridge Gymnasium.

To receive your iron ring, attendance at the Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer – Camp 13 Iron Ring Ceremony is necessary. If you are unable to attend, you may wait until the following year or explore participation in a ceremony at a different camp. 

For details on other ceremonies please refer to the iron ring website