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Booth Research & Innovation Cluster

BRIC is a one stop shop for industry and community for their innovation challenges in the areas of AI/ML, Computational modeling, Biotechnology, eHealth, Environmental Excellence Robotics, and Automation.

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Collaborate with a BRIC member to gain access to diverse expertise and resources. Engaging with BRIC will help partners explore and solve more challenging problems that require long-term financial and personnel commitments. This could happen by leveraging industry commitments with government and non-government funding opportunities.

BRIC helps its members build and evolve partnerships with community members. BRIC serves as a valuable support system to establish impactful research programs offering a diverse set of expertise for society-focused multi-disciplinary research.

Students can participate in a work-immersive environment, and have a transformational learning experience that will advance their careers. Help solve the community, government and industry partners’ problems, participate in the BRIC symposiums and clubs, and contributing to the bulletin.

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Contact us by email or call us at 905-525-9140 ext. 20293.

Meet our team

Greter Amelia Ortega Rodriguez

Syed Rahin Ahmed

Herlys Viltres Cobas

Gaganpreet Sidhu

Ramavtar Tyagi (PhD)

Amirmesoud Lanjan (PhD)

Hadi Mehrtash. (MASc)

Ana Gomez Cardoso (MASc)

Simran Sandhu (MEng)

Masoodhur Rehman (MEng)

Vignesh Natarajan (MEng)

Abinaya Sankarakumarv (MEng)