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Missed course work & exams

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Important notes

1. Deferred examination must be written as follows:

  • December exams will be written during Winter Mid-Term Recess (February) 
  • April exams will be written in late June 
  • Spring/Summer exams will be written during the Fall Mid-Term Recess (October) 

2. Students cannot defer an exam a second time.  

3. Students who defer of more than one examination may be required to reduce their course load during the term in which the

Submission of a Final Exam RISO

Note: you must submit the form a minimum of 10 business days before the start of the exam period.

Complete the RISO Final Exam Request form and submit it online as a service request in Mosaic.This must include: 

  • The reason for the request 
  • Full course code and details 
  • The specific exam in conflict 
  • The date of the exam 
  • The percentage it is worth 

These can be added in the details section if there is no other space for it.