Achievements & Awards – Faculty of Engineering

Achievements & awards

National awards

Fellows of the Academy are nominated and elected by their peers, in view of their distinguished achievements and career-long service to the engineering profession. Fellows work closely with the other national engineering associations in Canada, and with the other Canadian academies that comprise the Council of Canadian Academies.

2022John PrestonEngineering Physics
2022Brian BaetzCivil Engineering
2022Gail KrantzbergEngineering and Public Policy/Engineering Practice and Technology
2022Moncef NehdiCivil Engineering
2018Peter MascherEngineering Physics
2018Ray LaPierreEngineering Physics
2017Ishwar PuriMechanical Engineering
2015Natalia NikolovaElectrical and Computer Engineering
2015Gu XuMaterials Science and Engineering
2014Heather SheardownChemical Engineering
John Vlachopoulos
Chemical Engineering
Peter Mascher
Engineering Physics
2012John Luxat
Engineering Physics
2010Shiping ZhuChemical Engineering
2010David WilkinsonMaterials Science and Engineering
2008Ghani Razaqpur Civil Engineering
2007Jamal DeenElectrical and Computer Engineering
2007David Weaver
Mechanical Engineering
2007Max WongElectrical and Computer Engineering
2004Mohamed ElbestawiMechanical Engineering
2003John BandlerElectrical and Computer Engineering
2002Robert DrysdaleCivil Engineering
2001David Parnas
Computer and Software
2001Douglas BarberEngineering Physics
1991Arthur HeidbrechtCivil Engineering
1987Leslie ShemiltChemical Engineering

Established in 1967 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Order of Canada is the centerpiece of Canada’s honors system. It recognizes a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication to the community, and service to the nation.

2018Jamal DeenElectrical and Computer Engineering
2016John BandlerElectrical and Computer Engineering
2007Douglas BarberEngineering Physics
1991Leslie W. ShemiltChemical Engineering

The Royal Society of Canada recognizes merit and achievement by electing to its membership distinguished individuals from all branches of learning who have achieved distinction, both nationally and internationally, by publishing learned works or original research in the arts, humanities and sciences. Election to Fellowship in the Society is the highest academic accolade in Canada that is available to scientists and scholars.

2022Leyla Soleymani
Engineering Physics
2018Gianluigi BottonMaterials Science and Engineering
2014Shiping ZhuChemical Engineering
2011Robert PeltonChemical Engineering
2009David WilkinsonMaterials Science and Engineering
2007John MacGregorChemical Engineering
2007Max WongElectrical and Computer Engineering
2006Jamal DeenElectrical and Computer Engineering
2004John BrashChemical Engineering
1993Gyan JohariMaterials Science and Engineering
1992David ParnasComputer and Software
1991Gary Purdy
Materials Science and Engineering
1991J. David EmburyChemical Engineering
1987Alvin HamielecElectrical and Computer Engineering
1986John BandlerElectrical and Computer Engineering
1985Leslie W. Shemilt Chemical Engineering
Colin Campbell
Electrical and Computer Engineering
1980Simon HaykinElectrical and Computer Engineering
1975Jack Kirkaldy
Materials Science and Engineering

University awards

Awarded to those who have made a distinguished contribution to the University through research, scholarship, and/or education and demonstrate exceptional achievement by distinction in research, scholarship, and education such that the work has made a major impact on a given field of study, and/or the work has had a major impact across disciplinary boundaries.

John BrashChemical Engineering
Jamal DeenElectrical & Computer Engineering
David EmburyMaterials Science & Engineering
Simon HaykinElectrical & Computer Engineering
John F. MacGregorChemical Engineering
Gary PurdyMaterials Science & Engineering
David WilkinsonChemical Engineering
Shiping ZhuChemical Engineering

The MSU Teaching Awards recognize and encourage excellence in teaching at McMaster University, by acknowledging the contributions and hard work of professors and teaching assistants.

2022Anna KorolIntegrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences
2019Mostafa SolimanW Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology
2018Eu-Gene NgMechanical Engineering
2017Lydell WiebCivil Engineering
2016Eu-Gene NgMechanical Engineering
2015Fei GengW Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology
2014Lydell WiebeCivil Engineering
2013Greg WohlMechanical Engineering
2012Cameron ChurchillCivil Engineering
2011Michael SoltysComputer Science & Engineering

The President’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to Teaching and Learning demonstrates the value McMaster attaches to its educational function and recognizes those who, through innovation and commitment, have significantly enhanced the quality of their students’ learning experience.

2022Amin Reza RajabzadehW Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology
2021Mohamed BakrElectrical & Computer Engineering
2019Michael JustasonW Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology
2018Lotfi BelkhirW Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology
2018Eu-Gene NgMechanical Engineering
2017Konstantinos ApostolouW Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology
2016Dan Centea
W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology
2016Greg WohlMechanical Engineering
2015Kevin DunnChemical Engineering
2014Robert FleisigEngineering I
Tom Doyle
Electrical and Computer Engineering
2012Philip KoshyMechanical Engineering
2011Carlos FilipeChemical Engineering
2008Brian BaetzCivil Engineering
2006Don WoodsChemical Engineering
2001Thomas MarlinChemical Engineering
1999Cameron CroweChemical Engineering
1999Don WoodsChemical Engineering
1996Herbert JenkinsEngineering & Society
1994Phil WoodChemical Engineering
1993Don WoodsChemical Engineering

President’s Awards for Outstanding Service provide an annual recognition for employees or groups of employees who have made an outstanding contribution to the mission of McMaster University beyond that normally expected for their position.

2021Carm VespiAlumni Relations and Youth Programs
2019Timothy StephensChemical Engineering
2018Amber BukataFaculty of Engineering
2016Suvojit GhoshMechanical Engineering
2016Kristina TrollipChemical Engineering
2016Terry WaggMechanical Engineering
2015Ron LodewyksMechanical Engineering
2014Dan WrightChemical Engineering
2013Justyna DerkachChemical Engineering
2012Deborah Smaluck
Walter G. Booth School for Engineering Practice
2011Kent WheelerCivil Engineering
2009Paul GattChemical Engineering
2008Terrence GreenlayElectrical Engineering
2007Connie BarryMaterials Science & Engineering
2007Rena CorneliusChemical Engineering
2004Anna RobertsonCivil Engineering
2002Janet DelseyDocuCentre
2002Doug KellerChemical Engineering
2001Anna SciascettiFaculty of Engineering

Faculty awards

For information on the Arch Award, Alumni Gallery and LW Shemilt Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award recipients, please navigate to the Alumni Relations.

Established in 2017, the award will be granted occasionally as merit warrants.


Heather Sheardown, Professor, Chemical Engineering, McMaster University (2017)

Established in 2017, the award will be granted occasionally as merit warrants.


David Wilkinson, Former Provost and Vice-President, Former Dean (2008-2012), Distinguished University Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, McMaster University (2022)

Arthur Heidebrecht, Professor Emeritus, Civil Engineering, McMaster University (2017)

Established in 2004 to recognize an outstanding citizen who has contributed to engineering, the university and the community.

2018Saud Audi
Co-Chief Executive Officer
Adi Development Group
2018Angela PappinVice-President ManufacturingArcelorMittal Dofasco
2017Catherine BoothPresident & OwnerBooth Advisory Inc.
2016Trueman GobaChairman – AfricaEurope and Middle East , Hatch Goba
2015Michael L. DuhaimeGlobal Director
Electrified Powertrain Propulsion Systems Chrysler Group LLC
2014Jennifer JackmanDirector GeneralCANMET Materials Technology Laboratory
2013Dr. Jimi TjongManager and Staff Technical SpecialistsPowertrain Engineering Research & Development Centre, Ford Essex Engine Plant, Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd.
2012Caroline HughesDirector of Government RelationsFord Motor Company of Canada Ltd.
2011Juergen SchachlerPresident and CEO
ArcelorMittal Dofasco
2010Paul Spekkens
Vice President
Science and Technology Development Ontario Power Generation
2009Robert MageePresident and CEOWoodbridge Group
2008Carl FuerstChief ScientistGeneral Motors
2007Joesph LiburdiPresident
Liburdi Engineering Limited
2006Joseph NgPresidentJNE Consulting Limited
2005Douglas Barberformer President and CEOGennum Corporation
2004John Mayberryformer Chairman and CEODofasco

Established in 2010 to honour a faculty member whose accomplishments and contributions are of national and/or international significance and/or have had a transformative impact on their field of research endeavour.


2018Ali EmadiMechanical Engineering

Gianluigi BottonMaterials Science and Engineering
2016David S. WilkinsonMaterials Science and Engineering
2015Shiping ZhuChemical Engineering
2014John BandlerElectrical and Computer Engineering
2013Jamal DeenElectrical and Computer Engineering

Mo Elbestawi
Mechanical Engineering
2011Kon Max WongElectrical Engineering

Robert Pelton
Chemical Engineering

Established in 2012, this award recognizes a faculty member who has demonstrated exemplary teaching practices.


2018Colin McDonaldIntegrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences
2018Kathryn Grandfield
Materials Science and Engineering
2017Lydell Wiebe
Civil Engineering
2016Philip WoodChemical Engineering
2015Dan CenteaSchool of Technology
2014Carlos FilipeChemical Engineering
2013Don WoodsChemical Engineering
2012Ross JuddMechanical Engineering


Douglas Barber, Department of Engineering Physics

Distinguished Engineering Fellows acknowledges outstanding rising scholars who have the potential to be internationally recognized for being research and learning focused, and student centred.


Zoe LiCivil EngineeringJuly 1, 2021 – June 30, 2024
Zahra Motamed
Mechanical Engineering
July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2024
Tom AdamsChemical EngineeringJuly 1, 2015 to June 30, 2018
Jun ChenElectrical & Computer EngineeringJuly 1, 2015 to June 30, 2018
Emily CranstonChemical EngineeringJuly 1, 2015 to June 30, 2018
Todd HoareChemical EngineeringJuly 1, 2014 to June 30, 2017
Andy KnightsEngineering PhysicsJuly 1, 2014 to June 30, 2017
Ray LaPierreEngineering PhysicsJuly 1, 2014 to June 30, 2017
Rong Zheng
Computer & Software
July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2018

Distinguished Engineering Professors acknowledges leading internationally recognized scholars who show evidence of transformative scholarship that is research focused and student centred.


Natalia Nikolova
Electrical & Computer Engineering
July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2026
Richard PaigeComputing & SoftwareJuly 1, 2021 – June 30, 2026
Thia KirubarajanElectrical & Computer EngineeringJuly 1, 2014 to June 30, 2019
Xiaolin WuElectrical & Computer EngineeringJuly 1, 2014 to June 30, 2019
Igor ZhitomirskyMaterial Science and EngineeringJuly 1, 2014 to June 30, 2019

Distinguished Engineering Educators acknowledges outstanding student centred teachers who are recognized not only for their contributions in the classroom and their interactions with students but also for transformative pedagogical improvements.


Mohamed BakrElectrical and Computer EngineeringJuly 1, 2021 – June 30, 2026
Nicola NicoliciElectrical and Computer EngineeringJuly 1, 2014 to June 30, 2019

2019-2020 Term 1 (Fall)

Chemical Engineering
Drew Higgins
Vincent Leung
Jacob Nease

Civil Engineering
Cameron Churchill
Mohamed Hussein

Computing and Software
Douglas Down

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mohamed Bakr
Mehdi Narimani
Nicola Nicolici

Engineering Physics
Matthew Minnick

Mechanical Engineering
Philip Koshy
Greg Wohl

Materials Science and Engineering
Hatem Zurob

Walter G. Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology
Zhen Gao
Fei Geng
Michael Justason
Moein Mehrtash
Amin Reza Rajabzadeh
Chi Tang
Timber Yuen

Dean’s Large Section Teaching Honour Roll

Recognizing excellent teaching evaluation scores for classes with greater than 100 students

Chemical Engineering
Jacob Nease

Civil Engineering
Cameron Churchill
Mohamed Hussein
Zoe Li
Moataz Mohamed

Computing and Software
Ryan Leduc

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mohamed Bakr

Mechanical Engineering
Mohamed Hamed
Philip Koshy
Eu-Gene Ng
Greg Wohl

Each academic year, the Faculty of Engineering identifies the top doctoral mentors who are recognized on the Dean’s Doctoral Mentoring Honor Roll.

Chemical Engineering

  • Tom Adams
  • Todd Hoare
  • David Latulippe
  • Prashant Mhaskar
  • Robert Pelton
  • Heather Sheardown
  • Christopher Swartz
  • Michael Thompson

Civil Engineering

  • Wael El-Dakhakhni
  • Saiedeh Razavi
  • Michael Tait
  • Lydell Wiebe

Computing & Software

  • Antoine Deza
  • Rong Zheng

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Jennifer Bauman
  • Jamal Deen
  • Steve Hranilovic
  • Thia Kirubarajan
  • Mehdi Narimani
  • Michael Noseworthy

Engineering Physics

  • Qiyin Fang
  • Ray LaPierre
  • David Novog
  • Leyla Soleymani

Materials Science and Engineering

  • Gianluigi Botton
  • Joseph McDermid
  • Igor Zhitomirsky

Mechanical Engineering

  • Ali Emadi
  • Saied Habibi
  • Mukesh Jain
  • Ravi Selvaganapathy
  • Stephen Veldhuis
  • Fengjun Yan

An annual recognition of Faculty of Engineering staff members who have made an outstanding contribution beyond the normal expectations will be honoured. Staff may be acknowledged for their exceptional quality of service, for their improvements of daily operations of their department or division, or through their contribution, which has enhanced the reputation of engineering.


2022-2023Salman BawaW Booth School of Engineering Practice & Technology
2021-2022Omar DantaW Booth School of Engineering Practice & Technology
2020-2021Tyler AcklandElectrical & Computer Engineering
2019-2020Janet DelseyEngineering Support Services (The Hub)
2018-2019Linda CoughlinEngineering Alumni Office
2017-2018Jane MahMaterials Science and Engineering
2016-2017Diana MalteseFaculty of Engineering
2015-2016Peter JonassonEngineering Physics
2014-2015Paul GattChemical Engineering
2013-2014Cheryl GiesMechanical Engineering
2012-2013Vania LoyzerMechanical Engineering
2011-2012Ginny RiddellDocuCentre
Not awarded
2009-2010Edward McCafferyMaterials Science and Engineering
2008-2009Doug KellerChemical Engineering
2007-2008Maurice ForgetCivil Engineering
2006-2007Lynn FalkinerChemical Engineering
2005-2006David SchickMechanical Engineering
2004-2005Terrence GreenlayElectrical & Computer Engineering
2003-2004Fran Bielby
Electrical & Computer Engineering
2002-2003Joan ZywinaAssociate Dean of Engineering
2001-2002Anna SciascettiFaculty of Engineering