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Bachelor of Technology (BTech)

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What our students are saying

  • “BTech is a unique program because it is more hands-on and we focus on learning technical skills. I chose McMaster because of this program – it is different and fits my learning style and personality. You won’t find another program like it.”

    Robyn, Automotive & Vehicle Engineering Technology
  • “Whether it’s the lectures or the labs, the BTech program focuses a lot of time and effort in all of the courses on applications and real-life scenarios from the theory gained. The labs, in particular, are very fun and engaging while also preparing you for a career in the industry!”

    Deepanjan – Automation Systems Engineering Technology
  • “I see myself working in the environmental or agricultural technology sectors. I chose Biotechnology at McMaster because I thought it really demonstrated the perfect relationship between technology and the natural world.”

    Julianne, Biotechnology
  • “In the future, I want to work for a company that designs hybrid electric vehicles as well as work in the heavy industries. The BTech program sets me up perfectly for the role and even gives me an edge. The combination of specific courses that we take, the practical labs, and the coop experiences gives me a head start in the industry.”

    Aaron, Automotive & Vehicle Engineering Technology
  • “We get a lot of hands-on experience in labs and design courses and have small classes, where we have the opportunity to talk more with professors. In our co-op, we interact a lot with industry and try to understand what they need to make improvements in their fields.”

    George, Automation Systems Engineering Technology
  • “Whilst pitching myself during co-op interviews, mentioning that I already obtained 100+ hours of hands-on experience within a biotech laboratory, stood out to the employer. Additionally, having the chance to explore the more “corporate” side of the biotech field through courses such as operations management, quality assurance, entrepreneurship, and marketing; piqued my interest in further following this route in terms of a career.”

    Julia, Biotechnology

The Bachelor of Technology advantage

McMaster University’s Faculty of Engineering welcomes you to the #FireballFamily​. Meet Patrick, Maria, and Professor Mike Justason to learn more about the Bachelor of Technology program! They are here to share where you can go when you graduate with your BTech Degree, Advanced Diploma, Business Management Certificate, and 12 months of co-op work experience!

The McMaster Automotive Resource Centre (MARC)

The McMaster Automotive Resource Centre is one of Canada’s leading research facilities in electric & hybrid vehicles where researchers, students and industry professionals are working to solve the issues facing the automotive industry. Our BTech Automotive students spend significant time here throughout their undergrad.


  • Kavya Divakarla, BTech ’13, MASc ’15, PhD ’18

    “BTech is simply a program that’s made for leaders.”
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  • Adriana Perri, BTech ’16 (Biotechnology)

    “The BTech program at McMaster equipped me with a broad range of skills that I’m able to use every day.”
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  • Devon Scardamaglia, BTech ’16 (Biotechnology)

    “There’s so much more to learning than just textbooks and exams.”
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  • Mitchell Kos, BTech ’17 (Automotive And Vehicle Technology)

    “I can honestly say BTech has been the greatest choice of my life.”
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