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Co-op for international students

International students must have a valid co-op work permit to work full-time in Canada.

Co-op work permit

Co-op jobs are full-time jobs, so you will need to apply for an off-campus (or co-op) work permit to allow you to work up to 40 hours a week.

The Citizenship & Immigration Office can take several months to issue a work permit, so it is best to submit your application to them as soon as possible, at least 4 to 6 months before you intend to start a co-op job.

If you have a valid work permit that will expire while you are on co-op, you need to submit an application to get a new co-op work permit.

International students who do not have a valid co-op work permit will not be allowed to begin a co-op job. 

An official letter verifying your status as a co-op student is required for your application.  

During the co-op preparation course, all international students will be sent this letter so they can submit their applications for co-op work permits as soon as possible. 

If you are not currently taking the preparation course and require this letter, or you need to renew your work permit, please request an official letter from ECCS by completing the Work Permit Request Form to verify your status as a co-op student and submit to us at

Review the full details on how to apply for your permit on the Student Success Centre website.

Submit your application with the Citizenship & Immigration Office.

When you receive your new work permit, please send a scan or screenshot of it right away to us at so that we can update your OSCARplus record. 

Access to co-op job postings

To be given access to co-op job postings on OSCARplus, international students must submit one of the following documents: 

Document typeSubmission process
A valid co-op work permit Please send a scan or screenshot of your work permit to us at and we will update your OSCARplus record.
Verification that you have applied for the co-op work permit 
Citizenship & Immigration will send you an acknowledgement when they receive your application. Please send us a scan of the acknowledgement letter or forward the acknowledgement email to

Please note: verification of your application will allow you access to co-op job postings, but you will still require a valid co-op work permit to begin a co-op job. You will need to send us a scan of your work permit when you receive it before we can approve a co-op work term for you. 

A work permit and a study permit are two different documents. Our office is only able to provide you with documentation for a work permit

Resources for international students

Questions on co-op requirements 

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