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Register your co-op

3 steps to registration

Now, let’s get your work term registered! It is the responsibility of the student to register their work term, access resources to prepare for the work term, and update their information in OSCARplus prior to starting the work experience. Here’s how to complete each of these steps:

Register a domestic (within Canada) co-op experience:

Please complete and submit the Domestic Co-op Confirmation Form (CCF) along with accompanying documentation (stated within the CCF) prior to the employment start date indicated in your offer of employment.

Register an international (outside Canada) co-op experience:

Please complete and submit the International Co-op Confirmation Form (CCF) along with accompanying documentation (stated within the CCF) at least 3 weeks prior to travel. 

We strongly suggest that students begin preparing for their upcoming co-op work term by:

  • Meeting with their Career Educator to ensure all requirements of our office are met;
  • Reviewing the On the Job Success Guides on the Fireball Academy website;
  • Beginning to search for housing or making transportation arrangements to your co-op work position;
  • Consulting with the Student Services Centre Global Opportunities team if you are travelling out of Canada to ensure you have all the required paperwork. You can book an appointment with them on OSCARplus;
  • If you have OSAP loans, applying for interest-free status while on co-op. Visit the Registrar’s Office website for more information;
  • If you require GO Transit while on co-op, visit their transit website for more information.

You are required to log onto OSCARplus to update your co-op work term information within 10 days of beginning your co-op.

Note: Your co-op experience must be registered with our office before you will have access to your co-op work term record. Please allow up to 14 business days after you submit your co-op documents for us to review and approve your co-op and add it to OSCARplus and Mosaic. You will receive an email from us after we have done this.

In order to update your record, please follow these instructions:

  • Log on to OSCARplus
  • On the Dashboard, click the “Co-op” tab
  • Click on the current co-op work term on your record
  • Click the button, “Edit”
  • Update all fields under the “Student Work Information” section and click “Save.”

Update to work term registration process

Effective Fall 2023, students who secure a co-op job will be required to register the work term by completing and submitting a co-op confirmation form prior to the start date specified in their offer of employment (or employment contract).  We have concluded our practice of allowing co-op work terms to be registered retroactively (also known as “backdating co-op”).

Frequently asked questions

Our policy regarding co-op work term registration remains the same; co-op work experiences should be registered prior to the start of your employment. However, our practice of allowing retroactive registration of co-op via a petition process has concluded.  

Fees related to co-op enrollment and registered work terms support the annual operation of the program including pre-employment and professional development programming, one-on-one appointments with our team, events and workshops, networking opportunities, curated job board of employment opportunities, and resources that directly support students in securing and succeeding on a work term. We maintain some of the lowest co-op fees in the country in order to maximize participation from a diverse population of students.  

Here’s more details on Undergraduate co-op fees and Graduate co-op fees.

Requests for backdating co-op work terms will be reviewed under the guidelines of extenuating circumstances and decisions to approve these will happen on a limited case-by-case basis.