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Schulich Scholarships

Launched in 2012, Schulich Leader Scholarships are Canada’s most coveted undergraduate STEM scholarships.

Frequently asked questions

In order to receive this scholarship, you first must accept McMaster’s offer of admission to the Faculty of Engineering by the admission deadline. You’ll also have to enrol in 24 units or more for the upcoming academic year.

In order to retain the scholarship, you must remain enrolled in an eligible program in the Faculty of Engineering in 24 units or more in subsequent years.

Students are allocated $25,000 each year directly to their personal bank accounts. This money is deposited by July 31 each year provided the student meets renewal requirements. The student will have full discretion on how this money is spent but they are responsible for paying their own student accounts (tuition, fees, housing, meal plan, bookstore charges, fines etc.).

Block Heading

Please be advised that in order to maintain eligibility for this award you will be required to:

  • Successfully complete all required Level I program courses prior to May 1, 2020; and
  • Achieve a minimum cumulative average (CA) for all courses of 9.5 on the McMaster Grading System

The award is a contribution of $6,000 towards a paid work position in research, teaching, and/or entrepreneurship for the summer after first year of studies. Your employer may contribute additional funds for this position. The total amount you receive will be equal to or more than minimum wage for the hours worked.

Students can work under any faculty member or researcher on campus (inside or outside the Faculty of Engineering). Our students can also work alongside entrepreneurs at The Forge, a start-up incubator at McMaster. Your work opportunity does NOT have to be in a traditional laboratory environment.

In the fall of your 1st year, Engineering Co-op and Career Services will invite you to an information session. During this info session, they will explain the process which involves:

  • submitting a resume for review and revisions (resumes are compiled into an electronic resume book and sent out to every professor within the Faculty of Engineering, The Forge, and other key research groups); and
  • learning strategies for how to research and communicate with professors in your fields of interest.

Some students will receive an invitation to interview directly from a professor who selected them out of the electronic resume book. Others students have a clear idea of who they want to work with and will seek to initiate a conversation with those faculty members or researchers directly. In either case, Engineering Co-op and Career Services is here to help guide you through the process.

Yes! As long as your position meets the minimum number of hours/week (35 hours/week) and the minimum number of weeks (12 weeks), it will count as co-op credit.