Engineering Complementary Studies Elective Courses – Faculty of Engineering

Engineering Complementary Studies Elective Courses

These charts have been updated as of June 2024.

CoursesEligibleNot eligible
Africa and Black Diaspora Studies3A03, 3BA3, 3CD3 
Anthropology1AA3, 1AB3, Level II or III NOT 2D03, 2FF3, 2Z03, 3BB3, 3BF3, 3CA3,3CC6, 3GH3, 3IS3, 3K03, 3LA3, 3P03, 3PP3, 3R03, 3X03
Art HistoryLevel II or III  NOT 3P03
Civic Vitality & Democratic Engagement3EL3, 3Z03
Communication Studies1A03, Level II or IIINOT 2A03, 2B03, 2F03, 2TM6, 3WR3
Community Engagement2A03 
Critical Challenges2CC3
Cultural St. & Critical TheoryLevel II or III 
Economics1B03, 1BB3, Level II or III NOT IME3, 2B03, 2G03, 2GG3, 2X03, 2Z03, 3E03, 3EE3, 3F03, 3G03, 3K03, 3M03,3U03, 3W03, 3WW3, 3Y03,4B03, 4G03, 4M06, 4N03, 4T03, 4TT3
Engineer2IW3, 3CX3, 3CW3 
English1F03, 1G03, 1H03, 1CS3, Level II or III 
Environment & Society1HA3, 1HB3,2EI3, 2EK3, 2HI3,  2LE3, 20C3, 2RC3, 2RU3, 2RW3, 2TF3, 2TS3, 2UI3, 3EC3, 3EE3, 3EG3, 3EN3, 3ER3, 3HH3, 3HP3, 3LT3, 3RJ3, 3RW3, 3TG3, 3UG3, 3UP3, 3UR3, 3UW3, 4ET3, 4HC3, 4HD3, 4HH3, 4LE3, 4LP3, 4LW3, 4UD3, 4UF3,4UH3, 4US3 
French2AC3, 2CC3, 2E03, 2F03, 2L03, 3AA3, 3AC3, 3FF3, 3HH3, 3KK3, 3P03, 3Q03, 3W03 
Gender Studies1A03, 1AA3, Level II or III 
German2CC3,2FT3, 2G03, 2KK3, 2N03, 2P03, 2Q03, 2S03,3H03 
Globalization Studies1A03, 3A03 
Greek3AA3, 3C03, 3B03, 3BB3, 3E03 
Greek and Roman Studies1A03, 1M03, 1B03, Level II or III 
Health Aging and Society1AA3, 1BB3, 1CC3, 2AN3, 2B03, 2BB3, 2C03, 2D03, 2F03, 2GG3, 2HI3, 2J03, 2K03, 2L03, 2M03, 2N03, 2P03, 3AA3, 3AB3, 3CC3, 3D03, 3DD3, 3E03, 3HP3, 3K03,3L03, 3M03, 3N03, 3Q03, 3R03, 3T03, 3YY3, 4U03, 4W03 
History1DD3, 1MA3, 1M03, 1P03, 1PP3, 1Q03, Level II or III 
Health Sciences2T03, 3DH3, 3EA3, 3HL3, 3PH3, 3WT3
IARTS1HA3, 1PA3, 1PB3, 2CP3, 2AS3, 2FA3, 2ME3, 2MM3, 2US3, 3AA3, 3CH3, 3CW3, 3DA3, 3EC3, 3FI3,3IA3, 3QA3, 3RR3, 3SR3, 4AP3, 4D03, 4Z03
Indigenous Studies1A03, 1AA3, 1B03, 2A03,  2B03, 2BB3, 2C03, 2D03, 2F03, 2G03, 2H03, 2K03  Level III 
Innovate1X03, 1Z03, 2SI3, 3Z03, 3ZZ3 
Inspire1PL3, 2CC3, 2GS3,  3AR3, 3EL3, 3MP3, 3TU3, 3WW3
Labour StudiesNOT 2D03, 2DD3
Latin American and Latinx Studies2A03, 3A03 
Linguistics1A03, 1AA3, 1E03, 1EE3, 1Z03, 1ZZ3, 2E03, 2FL3, 2L03, 2LC3, 2LL3, 2PS3, 2SL3, 2S03 
Music1A03, 1AA3,  
2CU3, 2BB3, 2F03, 2II3, 2MT3, 2T03, 2TT3 
Peacjust1A03, 1VM3, Level II or III  NOT 2E03, 3C03, 3P03 
Philosophy 1A03, 1B03, 1E03, Level II or Level III  NOT 2B03, 3F03, 3M03, 3W03
Political Science1AA3, 1AB3, Level II or III  NOT 3NN3
Psychology1F03, 1FF3, 1X03, 1XX3, 2AA3, 2AP3, 2B03, 2C03, 2H03, 3AB3, 3BA3, 3AC3, 3CB3, 3JJ3, 3WA3 
Religious Studies1AB3,1B03,1I03, 1J03, 1L03, 1R03, Level II or III 
Russian2G03, 2H03 
Social Psychology1Z03, 2C03, 2D03, 2E03, 2F03, 3OP3 
Social Science2O03, 2CC3, 2FD3, 2P03, 2R03, 2V03
Society, Culture and Religion1B03, 1GL3, 1R03, 1SC3, Level II or III  NOT 3GH3
Sociology1C03, 1Z03, Level II or III  NOT 2Z03, 3H06, 3I03, 3O03
Sustainability1S03, 2GS3, 2IS3, 2SD3, 2S03, 2SS3, 3S03, 4S06 
Theatre & FilmLevel II or III  NOT 2AA3, 2BB3,2DP3 3CC3, 3HH3, 3PC3, 3PR3,3OP6, 3PS3, 3S03, 3S06, 3SD3, 3S03,3T03, 3VS3, 3WW3, 3XX3
Work and Labour Studies1A03, 1E03, Level II or Level II 

LanguageCourse codeNot eligible
Arabic2AA3, 2AR3, 3AA3
Cayuga1Z03, 2Z03
Farsi1Z03, 1ZZ3
French1A06, 1Z06, Level IINOT 2B03, 2BB3, 2G03
German1B03, 1BB3, 1Z06, 3Z03, 3ZZ3
Greek1Z03, 1ZZ3, 2A03, 2AA3, Level III
Hebrew2A03, 2B03, 3A03, 3B03
Italian1A03, 1AA3, 1Z06, 2Z03, 2ZZ3
Japanese1Z06, 2Z03, 2ZZ3
Korean1Z03, 1ZZ3
Latin1Z03, 1ZZ3, Level II or III
Mohawk1Z03, 2Z03
Ojibwe1Z03, 2Z03
Russian1Z03, 1ZZ3
Sanskrit2A03, 2B03
Spanish1A03, 1AA3, 1Z06, 2Z03, 2ZZ3