Black youth outreach – Faculty of Engineering
Two young women smiling, holding hair oil containers that they created in a STEM program

Black youth outreach

Black Outreach STEM Series (BOSS) is an enriching educational program for Black Youth in grades K-12, led by the Engineering Student Recruitment and Community Outreach unit in the Faculty of Engineering.

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  • Hydro-electro flow project

    Students will use simple household products to complete a design challenge! The goal of this challenge is using a large or medium sized container. You will split the container into 2 sections and in the middle create a dam that will prevent water from crossing over to the other side.
  • Juicy Genes – genetic engineering project

    Students will use simple household products to extract DNA from strawberries. Students will get to physically see DNA strands (which is usually not seen with the naked eye)!
  • Kente cloth design take home kit project

    Students will learn about the historical significance of the Kente cloth and create their own cloth using weaving strips and yarn based on their own personalities and beliefs. Included in your kit is a card that describes the meaning behind the colours that are mainly used in Kente designs!