Dr. André Phillion – Faculty of Engineering
Andre Phillion

Dr. André Phillion


Solidification of engineering metals, mathematical modelling of materials and processes, X-ray tomographic imaging, 4D materials science

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    Materials Science and Engineering


André Phillion is a Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. His research interests are in mathematical modelling of materials and processes, and 3D materials science, with a special emphasis on solidification and casting of engineering metals. The main focus of the research is to model solidification across multiple length scales in order to investigate the relationships between heat transfer and fluid flow at the macro-scale with microstructure and defects. In the area of 3D materials science, the research has focused on 3D characterization and simulation of cellulose-based products using X-ray tomography, in addition to 3D observation of solidification morphology and defects.

Block Heading

Dr. Phillion received his PhD from the Department of Materials Engineering at The University of British Columbia in 2007, where he combined high temperature experimental methods with multi-scale modelling to investigate solidification processes and casting defects. After completing his PhD, he spent two years (2008-2009) as a Post-doctoral fellow at EPFL, Switzerland in the LSMX Computational Materials, followed by six years (2010-2015) as a faculty member in the School of Engineering at The University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus. He joined McMaster University in 2016.