Dr. Hatem Zurob – Faculty of Engineering
Hatem Zurob

Dr. Hatem Zurob


Microstructural evolution in engineering materials and the effect of microstructure on mechanical properties

Current status

  • Accepting graduate students

  • Professor, Chair

    Materials Science and Engineering


Current Projects

  • Modeling the clustering of Mg and Si atoms in automotive Al-Mg-Si alloys during natural aging.
  • Grain refinement of microalloyed steels by thermomechanical processing.
  • Modeling the nucleation of recrystallization and the interaction between recovery and recrystallization.
  • Investigation of the interfacial conditions during the decomposition of austenite in Fe-C-X using traditional precipitation experiments as well as controlled decarburization.
  • Development of functionally graded steels and “steel-steel” composites.

Block Heading

Dr. Zurob obtained his PhD from McMaster University in 2003. He held post doctoral fellowships at the Grenoble institute and Technology and Oxford University prior to joining McMaster as an Assistant Professor in 2005.  He was promoted to Associate Professor in 2012 and Professor in 2017. Dr. Zurob is presently serving as Chair of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

The aim of Dr. Zurob’s research is to understand and control microstructure development in engineering materials with the goal of optimizing mechanical properties. The applicant has made significant contributions to the areas of thermomechanical processing, recrystallization modelling, functionally-graded materials, austenite decomposition and structure property relationships. Dr. Zurob is recipient of several prestigious awards including Sawamura Award and Guimaraise Award of ISIJ and the Best Young Researcher Award of Internationally Recrystallization and Grain Growth Conference.  In addition, Dr. Zurob is a dedicated educator who was recognized by several teaching awards at McMaster. Dr. Zurob is also an active participant in professional societies including ASM, TMS and ASM Materials Camps Canada.


  • Sawamura Award and Guimaraise Award of ISIJ (2006)
  • Best Young Researcher Award at the 5th Recrystallization & Grain Growth meeting (2013).
  • MSU Teaching Awards (2007 & 2008)

Community Engagement:

  • Chair of the ASM Ontario Chapter (500 members) for the 2008-2009 year.
  • Chair of ASM Materials Camps-Canada (2010-present)
  • Secretary of the Alemi Group


Articles in Refereed Journals:

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