Dr. Onaizah Onaizah – Faculty of Engineering
Onaizah Onaizah

Dr. Onaizah Onaizah


Microrobots, soft continuum robots, mechatronics, magnetics, design and fabrication, material characterization, control systems, vision and sensing, medical robots, localization

Current status

  • Accepting graduate students

  • Assistant Professor

    Computing and Software


We are developing small-scale robotic tools for biomedical applications. Our research is at the intersection of robotics, magnetics, manufacturing, and medicine. A team of scientists, engineers, roboticists, and clinicians is working to solve some of the most challenging and exciting problems in medical robotics.

Block Heading

BSc, University of Toronto (2013)

MSc, Western University (2015)

PhD, University of Toronto (2019)


Magnetic Soft Continuum Robots With Braided Reinforcement

Peter Lloyd; Onaizah Onaizah; Giovanni Pittiglio; Damith Katudampe Vithanage; James H. Chandler; Pietro Valdastri

Patient-Specific Magnetic Catheters for Atraumatic Autonomous Endoscopy

Giovanni Pittiglio; Peter Lloyd; Tomas da Veiga; Onaizah Onaizah; Cecilia Pompili; James H. Chandler; Pietro Valdastri

Guidelines for Robotic Flexible Endoscopy at the Time of COVID-19

Onaizah Onaizah; Zaneta Koszowska; Conchubhair Winters; Venkatamaran Subramanian; David Jayne; Alberto Arezzo; Keith L. Obstein; Pietro Valdastri

Tetherless Mobile Micro-Surgical Scissors Using Magnetic Actuation

Onaizah Onaizah; Eric Diller

Millimeter-scale flexible robots with programmable three-dimensional magnetization and motions

Tianqi Xu; Jiachen Zhang; Mohammad Salehizadeh; Onaizah Onaizah; Eric Diller

Local stimulation of osteocytes using a magnetically actuated oscillating beam

Onaizah Onaizah; Liangcheng Xu; Kevin Middleton; Lidan You; Eric Diller

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