Dr. Gitanjali Kolhatkar – Faculty of Engineering
Gitanjali Kolhatkar

Dr. Gitanjali Kolhatkar


Neuromorphic materials, piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials, III-V semiconductors; thin film technology, nanostructures, photovoltaics, Raman spectroscopy, structure-function relations in materials, scanning probe microscopy, atomic force microscopy, near-field spectroscopy, memristive devices, strain imaging, smart sensors, artificial synapses
  • Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair in Bioinspired Smart Materials

    Engineering Physics

  • Associate Member

    McMaster School of Biomedical Engineering


Currently accepting graduate students.

Research Interests

For the past few decades, Moore’s law which states that the number of devices on a chip will double every year, has been the driving force of the semiconductor industry. Yet,  this miniturisation trend is now facing significant roadblocks as memory devices are reaching their scalability limit. To perpetuate this law, computer hardware has to be redesigned using neuromorphic materials that can mimic the human brain’s ability to perform cognitive tasks such as learning and pattern recognition. While computer algorithms can perform such tasks, their energy requirements is orders of magnituder higher than that of a human brain. Neuromorphic materials provide a means to obtain artificial synpases that can perform cognitive tasks with energy requirements that can rival that of the human brain.

Our research aims to develop highly-efficient smart materials for neuromorphic computing. We focus on ferroelectric materials, where a change in resistance can be induced by an external bias to mimic the change in synaptic weight occuring while our brain performs a cognitive task. Our research activities combine material synthesis (i.e. microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis, magnetron sputtering) with state-of-the-art characterisation techniques (aSNOM, AFM-IR, HAXPES), device fabrication and its subsequent performance analysis.  We aim to understand the interplay between material nanostructure and device macroscopic properties to tune them to specific applications such as highly efficient artificial synpases, smart tactile sensors, or energy harvesting devices.

Block Heading

Gitanjali Kolhatkar is an Assistant Professor in Engineering Physics. She holds a BSc and an MSc in Physics from the University of Ottawa (2008 and 2010), and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Sherbrooke (2014). She conducted a postdoctoral fellowship at the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (2015-2019). In 2019, she was an invited professor at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, where she gave lectures in the Micro- and Nanotechnology graduate program, in addition to conducting research. From 2019-2022, she was an Alexander von Humboldt fellow at the University of Kiel, Germany. Her research interests and core expertise include structure–function relations in a variety of materials for applications in photovoltaics, memory devices, smart sensors, and artificial synapses.

  • Ph.D. , Electrical Engineering, University of Sherbrooke
  • M.Sc., Physics, University of Ottawa,
  • B.Sc., Physics, University of Ottawa

Alexander von Humboldt Post-doctoral research fellowship (2019-2022)

Honorary fellowship of Munich University of Applied Sciences (2019)


Digging deeper: Buried layers and interfaces studied by modified total electron yield and soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Applied Physics Letters

Kröger, E., Petraru, A., Hanff, A., Soni, R., Kalläne, M., Denlinger, J.D., Learmonth, T., Guo, J.-H., Smith, K.E., Schneller, T., Freelon, B., Kipp, L., Kohlstedt, H., Rossnagel, K., and Kolhatkar, G. (2022)

CMOS Compatible Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 Ferroelectric Tunnel Junctions for Neuromorphic Devices

Advanced Intelligent Systems

Mittermeier, B., Dörfler, A., Horoschenkoff, A., Katoch, R., Schindler, C., Ruediger, A.,and Kolhatkar, G. (2019)


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Journal Papers

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