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Why McMaster Engineering?

Innovation is embedded in our DNA. Is it in yours?

Engineers are agents of change. They design, build and create much of the world around us. They are problem solvers found in every sector from healthcare to automotive, to technology firms to start-ups. At McMaster Engineering, we are committed to inspiring engaged students who will help transform our world.


Learn more about Hatim Rehman's Data Dream and why he choose McMaster Engineering to live it. 


McMaster University is consistently ranked as one of the top 100 universities in the world. The Faculty of Engineering is among the country’s top research intensive universities. Our engineering alumni have successful careers around the globe – from academia to industry to government labs. 

At McMaster Engineering, we are committed to the success of our students. We are invested in professional skills development through career planning programs and co-op experience. Award-winning faculty members offer guidance, support and mentorship.  McMaster Engineering offers world-class facilities, a collaborative environment, and professional development training to spark your curiosity, inspire discovery, and achieve personal success.

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Vibrant Community

Our students will help you integrate into university on both on academic and social level. Students will always find a home in Mac Eng that is unique to them. McMaster fosters a collegial working environment that encourages interdisciplinary collaboration within and between Faculties.


World University Ranking

McMaster University is consistently ranked among the Top 100 universities in the world. The Faculty of Engineering is ranked within the top 10 programs in Canada (Macleans) and has several subjects ranked in the top 200 worldwide.


Cutting-Edge Facilities

We are constantly investing in new equipment and facilities through government funding, private endowments and partnership with industry. We are home to a world-class microscopy lab, nuclear reactor, a
Makerspace, an experiential learning centre and labs.


Ground-Breaking Research

McMaster Engineering conduct ground-breaking research. They are involved in Centres of Excellence, consult with industry and government, and contribute to internationally renowned institutes in all disciplines.


Innovative Start-Up Environment

McMaster Engineering encourages, develops, and supports all students interested in entrepreneurship. The Faculty is dedicated to tapping into the passions and interests of McMaster students who see entrepreneurship as a possible life and career choice.


Experiential Learning

McMaster Engineering provides ways for students to go beyond the classroom through hands-on learning, such as our unique co-op program, research opportunities, clubs and teams, student government, and an entire building dedicated to experiential learning.


Global Alumni Network

McMaster Engineering has more than 20,000 alumni worldwide. The alumni office hosts 25 events annually. Our alumni work in a variety of areas, including finance, consulting work, government and design. Many start their own companies or are CEOs of firms.


Located in Hamilton

The campus is nestled between Lake Ontario, the environmentally protected Niagara Escarpment and the Royal Botanical Gardens.   McMaster is conveniently located within a vibrant research hub.  It is a short distance to a network of universities, research facilities, associations and industry partners.