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Engineering & Management Program

The Engineering & Management Program is a prestigious 5-year program designed to provide engineering students with a deeper understanding of business, project management, and leadership skills needed to thrive in a corporate or entrepreneurial environment.

About the Program

The Engineering and Management Program is a five-year program that pairs a full undergraduate engineering degree with a core commerce education. Students combine their technical engineering knowledge with a deeper understanding of business, project management, and
leadership skills. Students complete the requirements of an engineering degree and an additional 15 courses that make up the core of a commerce degree. 

Engineering & Management students are well rounded, business-oriented individuals with an interest in leadership. Students provide the drive and passion needed for success; Engineering & Management provides them with the skills they need to get there.

Technological innovation is changing the world like never before and bringing all of us closer together. Graduates from the Engineering & Management program are well-rounded and capable individuals who can excel in a wide variety of careers across many fields.

History of the Program

McMaster's unique Engineering & Management program was created in 1971 to prepare engineering students for the corporate world where they are likely to pursue their careers.  The program is a prestigious addition to McMaster's engineering program and has been successful in raising leaders at national and international levels.

Top Reasons to Pick Engineering & Management

  • Develop your leadership skills and experience

  • Expand your knowledge base beyond engineering

  • Prepare for roles in project management and corporate leadership

  • Eligibility for an accelerated MBA program

  • Premium starting salary after graduation

  • High rates of employment after graduation

  • More rapid progression to senior management positions



Acceptance Requirements

Students apply to the 5-year Engineering & Management program in the spring at the end of the Engineering 1 program in their first year. While students are only required to have a 4.0 Grade Point Average (60%) upon completing first year to qualify, the program often has a highly competitive entrance average, as only 150 students are admitted into the program each year.  

All students who complete Engineering 1 are entitled to apply for the Engineering & Management program through their account on Mosaic. iBioMed, Computer Science, and Bachelor of Technology students are not qualified to apply for the program. To be considered, Engineering 1 students must have also completed Economics 1B03 - Microeconomics as a complementary studies elective with a minimum grade of 5.0 (63%).  An interview may also be required to assess a student’s qualifications for the program.


The Engineering & Management program includes all of the courses required for an undergraduate engineering degree, as well as twelve commerce courses and one economics course. It also includes three unique courses specifically designed for the Engineering & Management program.

An additional economics course, Economics 1B03 (Microeconomics), must have been completed as a complementary elective in the first year of study with a minimum grade of 5.0 (63%) prior to admission to Engineering & Management.

A list of Commerce electives is available on the DeGroote School of Business course page. To view a full list of the engineering courses required for each degree, please visit the Academic Calendar and navigate to your program of choice. Students should confirm with their academic advisor to ensure they complete all prerequisites and avoid all antirequisites before enrolling in an elective of their choosing.

More information for all economics courses can be found through the Department of Economics.

More information for all commerce courses can be found through the DeGroote School of Business


Engineering & Management Course Breakdown

Engineering & Management Core Courses

Engineering & Management core courses are specifically designed to encourage the implementation of business practices in solving engineering problems.  These courses are available exclusively to Engineering & Management students, and unify the program throughout the course of the 5 year degree.

ENGNMGT 2AA2 - Communication Skills

Prepares students for future Engineering & Management courses through the development of core communication competencies beyond high school level.  Skills are developed in writing formal reports; speaking, listening and presenting; and communication technology.

  • Application of communication principles, including the art of thoughtful communication and applying leadership in communication

  • Producing convincing, professional quality reports and presentations

  • Using electronic productivity tools to work effectively and efficiently

  • Understanding the Engineering & Management approach and developing peer relationships within the program

  • Understanding key success factors in employment opportunities, including resume and cover letter development, and networking

ENGNMGT 4A03 - Innovation Driven Project Development and Management

Students develop a deep understanding of innovation and how to manage it. Team-based creativity skills are developed with a focus on delivering innovation. Participants develop teamwork skills while using project management tools to develop a project.

  • Awareness and development of Engineering Leadership Creativity

  • Understanding of how to assemble successful work teams and experience and demonstrate good team management skills

  • Develop successful brainstorming skills

  • Develop a proposal using the consulting model and basic project management planning tools

  • Become aware of basic project execution and control methodology

ENGNMGT 5B03 - Engineering & Management Projects

Capstone Course: Students work in multidisciplinary teams to solve an integrated engineering and business problem in an organization.  Team, project and client management skills are developed.

  • Learn to assemble a multidisciplinary team, and market the team to external clients

  • Develop and secure a challenging engineering & management problem

  • Work productively in teams to work as consultants to deliver a project outcome that adds real value to the client

  • Work on an open-ended project which may be in an unfamiliar field

  • Cope effectively with changing circumstances, issues and difficulties that may arise before, during and after the project

Accelerated MBA

The Accelerated MBA program at McMaster University's DeGroote School of Business gives students an opportunity to complete an MBA in as little as 8 months. Graduates of McMaster's Engineering & Management program are eligible to apply for entry into the Accelerated program at the DeGroote School of Business.

Engineering & Management students will have learnt the core business skills and concepts taught in an undergraduate commerce program and covered in the first year of a typical MBA during their 5-year undergraduate program.

DeGroote School of Business Accelerated MBA

Start Date

Start Date

You can start your accelerated MBA within 10 years after you have graduated. You can start in September or in January.

Work Experience

Work Experience

You must have at least one year of managerial, professional, or technical work experience.

Length of Study

Length of Study

For full-time, the program is 8 months. For part-time, the program is approximately 2 years depending on your schedule.

GMAT Exemption

GMAT Exemption

GMAT waivers are granted for the Accelerated MBA based on the following requirements: B average in last 20 courses of program & 1 year of full-time work experience.

We welcome you to visit the DeGroote School of Business to discover more and learn about all of the application requirements for the Accelerated MBA program at McMaster University. For direct inquiries you can contact the recruitment team online or by phone at (905)-525-9140, extension 27024, weekdays between 8:30am and 4:30pm.

Accelerated MBA School Options

Graduates of the Engineering & Management program are also eligible to use their degree to apply to the Accelerated MBA programs at the following Universities: Athabasca University, Thompson Rivers University, and Wilfrid Laurier University.

Students are encouraged to contact the recruitment department of any other MBA programs they may be interested in directly to inquire about the eligibility of using their degree to enter an accelerated program or to receive partial credit and course exemptions towards other MBA programs. 

Faculty and Staff


Adam Vespi

Adam Vespi




Salmon Bawa

Salmon Bawa



Glen Crossley

Glen Crossley



Brooke Gordon

Brooke Gordon



Dave Reid

Dave Reid



Industrial Advisory Committee Members


The McMaster Engineering & Management Society (MEMS) is run by an executive of elected students who represent its members – students of the Engineering & Management program. The E&M student club strives to enhance the development of professional skills among E&M students, while simultaneously promoting program identity. The club is a resource for students and acts as a liaison between faculty and students.

We host a number of exciting event and activities for students in E&M. Our events range in the genre of professional development, networking, career and skill development, and social!

You can learn more about us on our website: 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments, concerns or feedback. Do not hesitate to reach out if you want to get involved with the society.