A new pathway opens for McMaster BTech grads to a DeGroote Accelerated MBA – Faculty of Engineering

A new pathway opens for McMaster BTech grads to a DeGroote Accelerated MBA

BTech students talking by a table on campus

The W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology in the Faculty of Engineering and the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University are excited to announce a new opportunity for graduates of the Bachelor of Technology (BTech) programs in Automotive and Vehicle Engineering Technology, Automation Systems Engineering Technology Systems and Biotechnology.  

Starting in the Fall of 2025, students who started these programs in 2019 and later will be eligible to apply to the Accelerated MBA at McMaster’s DeGroote School of Business. This accelerated pathway offers a streamlined route to a DeGroote MBA and can be completed on a full-time basis in just eight months or on a part-time basis.  

This new pathway recognizes the strength of BTech’s business and management curriculum and builds upon W Booth School’s recent Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) accreditation as an Undergraduate Business Program.    

“This pathway is a wonderful acknowledgement of the quality of business and management curriculum within the Bachelor of Technology degrees,” says Michael Justason, Bachelor of Technology, Business & Management Curriculum Chair – 4-yr Programs and Program Chair, Civil Engineering Infrastructure Technology.

Combining a BTech degree with a DeGroote MBA opens amazing opportunities for our graduates to become the future leaders of business and technology.

Michael Justason

“This new Accelerated MBA pathway for BTech graduates is a transformative learning experience that bridges technical expertise with strategic business skills,” says Goran Calic, Director of the MBA Programs at the DeGroote School of Business.

Graduates will be prepared to lead at the intersection of innovation and management, ready to make a difference in the world once they leave the classroom.

Goran Calic

Building on a solid foundation in business and management acquired through a BTech degree, pursuing an MBA equips graduates with the skills to take on business focused roles within a variety of industries and organizations, especially if their career goals are aligned to the management track.

 “This new pathway expands learning opportunities for engineering students from the BTech program to complement their engineering knowledge with managerial education. It complements the interesting dynamic in our MBA classroom that we have built over the years and furthers our long-standing partnership between the faculties of Business and Engineering under the Engineering and Management Program,” says Khaled Hassanein, Dean of the DeGroote School of Business.

As an engineer with an MBA, I understand the importance of bringing different backgrounds and perspectives into the learning environment and this new opportunity for McMaster students truly highlights the collaborative and complementary nature of our programs.

Khaled Hassanein

Heather Sheardown, Dean of Engineering, says: “This pathway is a welcome opportunity for BTech students aiming to broaden their business skills while continuing their educational journey at McMaster.”

It’s a compelling testament to the value of the BTech program in positioning students with a strong foundation for a future in business leadership.

Heather Sheardown

The MBA designation from the DeGroote School of Business not only adds weight to undergraduate credentials but also signifies a commitment to advancing expertise in business. This combination of technical proficiency and business acumen positions graduates as highly desirable candidates in industry.