Centre for Advanced Polymer Processing and Design – Faculty of Engineering

Centre for Advanced Polymer Processing & Design (CAPPA-D)

Our research

Sintering, Role of Rheology, Bubble Formation and Removal, Foaming, Material Characterization, Micropellets, Metal Metallocene, and Polyethylenes, Recycling

Modeling of Solids Conveying, Melting Metering, Barrier Screws, Extrusion Dies

Kneading Disk Simulation, Flow Visualization

Modeling of Bubble Formation, Property Prediction

Viscosity, Elasticity, Processing Behaviour

Multilayer Slot Coating Visualization and Simulation, Air Knife Coating

Degradation Studies, Compounding for Property Improvement

Experiments and Modeling of Molecular Weight Distribution Modification

Polymer Blends, Additives, Filler

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