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Chemical Engineering Department Safety Manual

The department of Chemical Engineering serves to provide resources to help provide a safe, healthy work and educational environment to all members of our community, striving to promote that “Your Safety is our Top Priority” in the department.  Our philosophy is that a Safety Hazard Analysis be performed prior to starting any research or work activity, to ensure that all participating members are properly trained and outfitted, thus minimizing the risks of any safety incidents from occurring.  This requires that all researchers must review and abide by the department Safety Manual prior to starting any lab research.

McMaster University is committed to providing a system for proper management of all hazardous materials which includes acquisition, storage, handling, use and disposal. Specific programs as well as training modules have been developed for hazardous materials and we are constantly reviewing, improving and adding to our programs and training. McMaster is serious about ensuring everyone understands the hazards these materials pose to both people and the environment and that everyone works appropriately with them. McMaster takes a pro-active approach to protecting both people and the environment and will only work with hazardous disposal companies that show a commitment to protecting the environment.


Includes chemical waste and biohazardous waste disposal processes

Hazardous Materials

Chemical weapons, controlled goods, designated substances, nanotechnology


McMaster’s Chemical Inventory System

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Database Search

Access to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) by all people working or potentially exposed to the chemical must be readily available.

Tim Stephens

Tim Stephens

Undergraduate Laboratory and Research Technician



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Doug Keller

Doug Keller

Laboratory Manager


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Joint Health and Safety Committee Information