Our people – Faculty of Engineering

Our people

The CEDT operates as a collective of shared resources. The people that keep the Centre running include faculty from a number of universities, their students and research associates, full-time CEDT technical staff, as well as industrial collaborators.


Two full-time staff operate and maintain equipment for material growth, analysis, and processing, located in four laboratory facilities.


Our centre welcomes faculty members from other universities and companies to associate with our centre for research projects.

The CEDT has experienced a rapid growth in its major university users over the past four years, from 29 – 59. The growth has largely been due to the seven newly hired faculty members. The presence of the CEDT was a strong incentive in the hiring of these new faculty since their research programs rely heavily on the materials growth, device processing and characterizations facilities in the CEDT, which would be difficult to replicate in another Canadian University.