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Course Listing

Code Title Instructor Outline Info
BIOMED 6BC3 / ECE 6BC3 Graduate Modeling of Biological Systems  
Dr. Michael Noseworthy - Headshot Noseworthy
BIOMED 6BE4 / ECE 6BT4 Graduate Medical Robotics  
BIOMED 6I03 / ENG PHYS 6I03 / MED PHYS 6I03 Graduate Introduction to Biophotonics  
BIOMED 6T03 / CHEMENG 6T03 Graduate Applications of Chemical Engineering in Medicine  
BIOMED 6TN3 / ECE 6TN3 Graduate Image Processing  
BIOMED 6Z03 / CHEMENG 6Z03 Graduate Interfacial Engineering  
BIOMED 701 Graduate Biomedical Engineering (Core)  
Dr. P. Ravi Selvaganapathy - Headshot Selvaganapathy
BIOMED 702 / ECE 780 / MED PHYS 702 Graduate Medical Imaging Systems II  
BIOMED 703 Graduate Analysis, Calibration and Correction of Artifacts in Magnetic Resonance Imaging  
BIOMED 704 / CHEMENG 784 Graduate BIOMED 704 Gene Therapy for Bioengineers  
Dr. Gonzalo Hortelano - Headshot Hortelano
BIOMED 705 Graduate Medical Imaging for Physical Scientists  
Dr. Michael Noseworthy - Headshot Noseworthy
BIOMED 706 Graduate Biomedical Engineering II (Core)  
Dr. Ram Mishra Mishra
BIOMED 707/ENG PHYS 709 (not offered 2023-24) Graduate Advanced Topics in Biophotonics  
Qiyin Fang - Headshot Fang
BIOMED 708 / MATLS 703 Graduate BIOMED 708 / Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering  
BIOMED 709 / MED SCI 709 / NURSING 709 Graduate BIOMED 709 / Statistical Methods in Health Sciences Research  
BIOMED 712/ECE 712 Graduate BIOMED 712 / Matrix Computations in Signal Processing  
BIOMED 715/MECHENG 715 Graduate Biomechanics of Injury and Prevention  
Dr. Gregory R. Wohl - Headshot Wohl
BIOMED 717/MECHENG 717 Graduate Current Topics in Orthopaedic Biomechanics  
BIOMED 742/CHEM 742 Graduate Membrane Based Bioseparations  
BIOMED 762/MECHENG 762 Graduate Computational Modeling of Circulatory System  
Dr. Zahra Motamed Motamed
BIOMED 765/MEDSCI 765 Graduate Advanced Functional Brain Imaging  
Dr. Michael Noseworthy - Headshot Noseworthy
BIOMED 770/MED PHYS 770 Graduate Medical Imaging Systems I  
BIOMED 771/MS 771 Graduate Topics in Research Methodology  
BIOMED 791/ECE 791 Graduate Sensory and Neuromuscular Engineering  
BIOMED 795/CHEMENG 791 Graduate Nanotechnology in Chemical Engineering  
BIOMED 799 Graduate Independent Study in Biomedical Engineering  
BIOMED/ECE 796/CSE 796 Graduate Models of the Neuron