#InsidetheLab: Improving healthcare with bio-inspired technologies – Faculty of Engineering

#InsidetheLab: Improving healthcare with bio-inspired technologies

McMaster Engineering students share their innovative research and a typical day in the life in their lab environment.

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The Didar Lab is showcasing their bio-inspired technologies today as part of the next instalment of Inside the Lab.

The Instagram story series gives McMaster Engineering students the opportunity to share their innovative research and a typical day in the life in their lab environment.  

Maryam Badv, PhD candidate, School of Biomedical Engineering and Zachary Cetinic, Chemical Biology student, tell us what their research is about and what it’s like to work in the Didar Lab:

Q: Can you describe your research and the real-world applications you are developing?

M: “Our research is mostly based on bio-inspired technologies for applications in diagnostics, therapeutics and drug discovery. We apply nature into our work and translate that into real life applications.”

Z: “We are in the process of finishing several fabrication techniques, which we will apply to a variety of microfluidic devices. Microfluidic devices can be used for applications such as cell sorting, cell capturing and simulation of chemical and organic environments.”

Q: What do you enjoy most about working with your lab team?

Z: “Most of the relationships between lab members are quite jovial. We try to keep an extremely collaborative atmosphere, which is great since there are a lot of diverse scientific backgrounds within the lab. The range in skill sets within the lab enhances and challenges the way I conduct research and think about science.”

M: “Our lab always has an active, energetic and friendly environment. We help each other out if we have any problems in our research and we also try to keep things fun and interesting.”

You can view the Didar Lab’s Instagram story here »