Innovators in Scrubs gives HESE students hands-on experience during clinical placements – Faculty of Engineering

Innovators in Scrubs gives HESE students hands-on experience during clinical placements

Innovators in Scrubs, spearheaded by Dr. Anna Korol, provides “fresh eyes” on healthcare challenges.

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Third-year Health Engineering Science and Entrepreneurship (HESE) students have teamed up with clinical leads at Hamilton Health Sciences and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton as part of Innovators in Scrubs, spearheaded by Dr. Anna Korol.

Increasing the success rate of Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) intervention at Hamilton General

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After years of frustration with 50% success rates, Dr. Sanjit Jolly, an interventional cardiologist at the Hamilton General, has challenged the students to improve the current technique used to treat Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO). With some outside-the-box thinking, our students are taking inspiration from other surgical techniques and are well on their way to making meaningful change.

Supervisor: Dr. Sanjit Jolly
Collaborators: Dr. Nicholas Valettas, Rachel Moxham, Mike Mayoras
Student Team: Arjun Raghavan, Brendan Tao, Arham Arfeen, Josie Carr-Harris, Fatima Ahmad, Yumna Irfan

Re-designing procedural medication use in perioperative care at McMaster University Medical Centre

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Medication in a hospital is critical to patient care. But how does the medication make it up to the ward, where is it stored and how much is needed? Hamilton Health Sciences are scheduled to implement new automated drug dispensing cabinets in the spring of 2021. Our students are helping Eric Romeril and his team map out the flow of medication from storage, to retrieval, to use. Having spent countless hours in clinical areas such as operating rooms, endoscopy and diagnostic imaging our students are providing “fresh eyes” on the current state of medication flow.

Supervisor: Eric Romeril
Collaborators: Ari Collerman, Kim Botsford, Sarah Weberman
Student Team: Taha Parvez, Wesley Tam, Vikash Nanthakumar, Jacqueline Hong, Hosam Abdel Hafeez

Designing an automatic backorder system in interventional radiology at Hamilton General

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The radiology department is currently undergoing renovations at Hamilton General placing our students in a unique position to implement change. With the support of the chief of diagnostic imaging, Dr. Gordon Yip, students have identified the need for improvement in supply chain management, witnessing firsthand the strain that backordered equipment places on the system. Our students are putting their ingenuity to work and taking advantage of their outside perspective on the problem.

Supervisor: Dr. Gordon Yip
Student Team: Sean Park, Zarik Virani, Yiji Buren, Yuvenne Deng, Laila Aggag

Streamlining the kidney donor assessment process: The One-Day Clinic at St. Joseph’s Charlton

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With the current process for evaluating potential kidney donors taking approximately 10 months, Dr. Seychelle Yohanna has designed a way to consolidate this lengthy donor workup into a single day. As only the third program of its kind worldwide, our students are tasked with streamlining the “One-Day Donor Clinic” at St. Joseph’s by mapping out the “patient journey” and identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks that are barriers to its implementation and scalability.

Supervisor: Dr. Seychelle Yohanna
Collaborators: Dr. Matthew Miller
Student Team: Lubna Najm, Monica Banayoty, Mackenzie Cullip, Alex Drover, Connor Hsu

Measuring patient reported outcomes in the Emergency Department at St. Joseph’s Charlton

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Patients in emergency departments are often facing high-stress medical situations and it is important to try and make their experience in the ER as painless as possible. Under the guidance of Dr. Shawn Mondoux, our students have been working to identify areas where small changes can make big differences using Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) in the Emergency Department of St. Joseph’s.

Supervisor: Dr. Shawn Mondoux
Collaborators: Greg Rutledge, Donna Johnson, Cory Fraser
Student Team: Elaina Lausic, Chelsea Angeles, Eugene Wu, Konrad Grala, Raymond Tolentino