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Fresh Faces: Colin McDonald

July 18, 2018 /  Department News

Fresh Faces: Colin McDonald

Welcome to Fresh Faces. In this series, we’re highlighting 43 Engineering faculty members, all hired within the last five years, who are doing interesting and innovative things in the lab and the classroom.

iBioMed Student Spotlight

July 6, 2018 /  Department News

iBioMed Student Spotlight

Meet Jatheeshan Raveenthiran an Electrical and Biomedical Engineering student working on campus this summer!

What does Engineering mean to Women in Engineering?

June 23, 2018 /  Department News

What does Engineering mean to Women in Engineering?

June 23, 2018 is International Women in Engineering Day and a few of our students have taken the time to give us an insight on what being an engineer means to her.

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What is iBioMed?

At McMaster University, we’re transforming healthcare challenges into a new learning experience with the Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences (iBioMed) program. We’re bringing together the best of our top-ranked health sciences and engineering programs into a hands-on, project-based program with a strong focus on entrepreneurship and learning to solve real-world problems by doing.

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Co-op and Careers


Graduates of this program will be uniquely positioned for careers in the biomedical engineering, biotechnology, and health and biomedical science sectors of the economy. They will also remain well-positioned for careers that fall within the spectrum of their engineering or health sciences discipline. They will be well equipped to pursue further studies in graduate research or professional health sciences careers, such as medicine, or take on entrepreneurship opportunities.

Engineering Co-op and Career Services (ECCS)

Students in the iBioMed program will have Co-op and Career Services available through the Faculty of Engineering.

As for all engineering disciplines at McMaster, students in our programmes have the opportunity of applying for an industrial internship. If successful, the student typically is employed on industrial placement from the May following his/her third year in the academic programmes and returns to school for Level 4 in September of the following year.  

Engineering Co-op and Career Services (ECCS) is a joint venture between the McMaster Engineering Society and the Faculty of Engineering.  

 Visit the Engineering Co-op and Career Services Website