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Well-equipped optics and optical engineering lab with tunable amplified ultrafast and short pulsed laser systems (Ti: Sapphire, OPO, fiber), laser micromachining systems, optical spectroscopy and temporal analysis instruments, and optical imagers covering UV to near infrared spectral region.


Prof. Qiyin Fang


Dr. Leyla Soleymani’s Cellular and Molecular Sensing Laboratory (ETB 429) includes a Scanning Electrochemical Microscope, Electrochemical Workstations, Optical/Fluorescence Microscope, In-Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Holder, Plasma Cleaner, Spin Coater, Automatic Craft Cutter, Manual Screen Printer, Laser Machining System, and Biological Safety Cabinet.



Dr. Leyla Soleymani

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Biosafety Level 2 (BSL2) work space with tissue culture incubators, biosafety cabinet, biological sample storage (refrigerators and -80 degree freezers), and general web lab work bench.
Time-resolved fluorescence spectrometers with subnanosecond resolution, time- and Frequency-domain imaging instruments with picosecond resolution (streak camera and ICCD), spinning disc confocal microscope based on a Leica DP6000, a high throughput multiplexed confocal FLIM microscope (McFocal Gemini-1), and a STED superresolution microscope.


Prof. Qiyin Fang

Professor Novog’s Nuclear Safety Laboratories provide a suite of flexible equipment for examining single and two-phase flows in a wide range of geometries. The lab is equipped with conventional process measurement and control systems as well as state-of-the-art phase-Doppler and laser-Doppler anemometers, time-resolved Particle Image Velocimeter, and 3d Impedance 3D tomography systems. Flow loops and power supplies up to 300kW are available for testing a range of flow and heat transfer phenomena under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions relevant to the nuclear industry. Past projects have included CHF and PDO testing under fast-transient condition, investigation of bubble fragmentation phenomena, two-phase heat transfer, and 3-D moderator flow and temperature measurements for both UNENE and the CANDU Owners Group.


Dr. Dave Novog

JHE 322, 320, ABB B145

JHE 322 includes a Newport 96000 solar simulator with AM1.5G filter calibrated to 1 Sun, a nitrogen glovebox, and a laminar flow bench for chemical processing.

ABB B145 includes a micro-photoluminescence system with various sources (HeNe laser, Ar ion laser), detectors (Si CCD, InGaAs detector, InSb detector), and low temperature (10 K) cryostat.


Prof. Rafael Kleiman

BSB B203/A, BSB B201

In BSB B201 Dr. Bradley and his students focus on the characterization of silicon-based thin films and photonic devices. Using optical probe stations, photonic chips fabricated on campus are measured here to characterize their optical properties and optimize them for applications including high-speed communications and sensors.



Dr. Andy Knights

Dr. Johnathan Bradley