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Engineering Support Services (The Hub)

Listed below you'll find a number of resources we offer to the McMaster Engineering community. Our services include managing keys and access cards,  meeting rooms, course evaluations, special events and website support.


Our office is located on the second floor of The John Hodgins Engineering Building (JHE), room 216A.

If you are lost or are looking for something please drop by - we would be more than happy to direct you.

The Team

Keys & Access Cards

  •  Keys are a $20 cash deposit
  •  Access cards are a $10 cash deposit
  •  If you are a paid McMaster employee you can get a free Working at McMaster employee access card at the Parking service desk in the Campus Store.

Undergrad Lab Access

  • Undergrad lab access is issued based on your class schedule and department. 
  • Access cards automatically renew and update each semester after the add-drop date. 
  • If you do not have an access card - stop by our office with your cash deposit to pick one up.

General Access

  • Each department in engineering authorizes access to their rooms.
  • If you want access to a room please visit the corresponding department first.
  • Once they approve your request bring your cash deposit and the proof of authorization to our office.

Undergrad Hatch Access

All undergrad students are eligible to obtain an access card for the Hatch building.

The access card will open up the following rooms:

  • H101 - The Engineering Lounge
  • H201 - Meeting Study Area
  • H203 - Meeting Study Area
  • H204A - Council Room (first door)
  • H204B - Council Room (second door)
  • H205 - Meeting Study Area
  • H324 - Collaborative Learning Centre

The card requires a (refundable) $10 cash deposit.
As the card will be active until you graduate this access cannot be added to existing access cards.

Meeting Rooms

The Dean's meeting rooms can be booked through The Hub if you are a McMaster staff or faculty member in Engineering.

Registered Undergraduate student clubs in engineering can book: JHE-265,  JHE-H324, JHE-326B, or JHE-328 for engineering events/meetings only. 

 To book the JHE lobby/main floor please contact Conference Services (

JHE Meeting Rooms

The Hub books the following meeting rooms in the John Hodgins Engineering Building (JHE). 

Student clubs must email to request a booking. 


Capacity: 12-14 people around the boardroom table; room holds up to 21 people

Media available: TV projection system (Kramer), whiteboards, videoconferencing (Vidyo) and teleconferencing

JHE-H324 (Collaborative Learning Centre)

Capacity: 24 chairs around 8 long tables

Media available: TV projection system (Kramer) with up to 4 independent screens, videoconferencing (Vidyo) and teleconferencing


Capacity: 12-14 people around the boardroom table; room holds up to 21 people

Media available: Built in projector (and cables) with screen, whiteboards and telephone

JHE-328 (The Engineering Lounge)

Capacity: 12 people around the boardroom table, additional couches and chairs around room 

Media available: TV projection system (Kramer)

JHE-A114 (Dean's Executive Boardroom)

Capacity: 34 people around the boardroom table

Media available: TV projection system (Kramer), videoconferencing (Vidyo), teleconferencing and telephone

ABB Tower Meeting Rooms

All rooms seat a maximum of 8 people.  These rooms are not available to student clubs.

ABB C102 – presentation capabilities through a TV and HDMI cable

ABB C201 – no audio/visual capabilities

ABB D301 – no audio/visual capabilities

ABB D401 – no audio/visual capabilities

ABB D402 – no audio/visual capabilities