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Changes to the Department of Civil Engineering Operations

Please note that in response to current circumstances regarding spread of the COVID-19 virus, Civil Engineering’s administrative staff are providing services remotely until further notice.

We will be responding to emails (preferred) and phone calls as quickly as possible during regular office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm.

You are welcome to contact the following staff for support:

Joanne Gadawski, Administrator

Morgan Shuker, Graduate Admininstrative Assistant

Eduard Sviridenko, Undergraduate Admininstrative Assistant

Kent Wheeler, ADL Supervisor/Senior Lab Technician

Monica Han, Environmental Lab Technician

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your patience and take good care!

We have updated our website with resources available to you that you might find useful during these times and moving forward.
That includes our updated FAQs and technology resources for students.

Please have a look at

We have also updated our Course Conflict Form and Engineering Permission Form and made them fillable for your convenience in submitting them virtually. You will find those forms on our Resources page.


Smiling in the face of cancer: One student’s journey during a pandemic

April 16, 2020 /  Department News

Smiling in the face of cancer: One student’s journey during a pandemic

It was no ordinary Zoom chat. On April 5, Julia Aprile, a second year civil engineering student at McMaster, shaved her head in front of over 20 friends and family members who cheered her on from her laptop.

McMaster Engineering professor and his son creating face shields for healthcare workers

April 9, 2020 /  Department News

McMaster Engineering professor and his son creating face shields for healthcare workers

Alec Fernback, Engineering 1 student and his dad, Mike Noseworthy, are working on 3D printed face shields in the iBioMed Design Studio

Sibling success: Electrical & biomedical engineering student and sister create unique mask for healthcare workers

April 8, 2020 /  Department News

Sibling success: Electrical & biomedical engineering student and sister create unique mask for healthcare workers

Amanda Tomkins and her sister Kayla, a nursing student, used their time at home to design a mask that could potentially be used in place of an N95 respirator. Now, their design is nearing production.

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Civil Engineering Student Wins the 2020 MacDATA Graduate Fellowship

Pengxiao Zhou, a first-year PhD student in the Department of Civil Engineering has been awarded the 2020 MacDATA Graduate Fellowship.

The project will establish an integrated toolkit for the prediction of influent and effluent emerging contaminants at wastewater treatment plants. In the short-term, the research program will focus on the development of data preprocessing, feature selection, predictive model development, and uncertainty analysis approaches for the real-time influent and effluent emerging contaminant control. In the long-term, the generated knowledge might be extended to various environmental engineering fields and multiple regions internationally.

Pengxiao Zhou is working under the supervision of Dr. Zoe Li. His research focuses on implementing uncertainty analysis for wastewater simulation models. This MacDATA project is being co-supervised by Dr. Wenbo He and Dr. Zoe Li.

Congratulations Pengxiao Zhou!

WTS International 2019 Women in Transportation Award

Rasha Hassan, a second year M.A.Sc. student at the department, was the recipient of the prestigious WTS International 2019 Women in Transportation Award. The award was presented during the WTS International Annual General Meeting on October 24th, 2019 in Toronto. Working within the McMaster INTERFACE Institute, Rasha’s research is focused on Resilience Quantification and Systemic Risk Mitigation Strategies of Interdependent Transportation Networks, under the supervision of Dr. Wael El-Dakhakhni in collaboration with Drs. Moataz Mohamed and Mohamed Ezzeldin.

Moataz Mohamed Awarded Grant for Research on Electric Bus Transit Charging Infrastructure

Dr. Mohamed will study how electric bus transit system could benefit from energy storage systems to mitigating their systemic impacts on the utility grid

The Department of Civil Engineering would like to congratulate Dr. Moataz Mohamed, who has been awarded a $23,500 NSERC ENGAGE grant for his research on "Cascading Impacts of Electric Bus Charging Infrastructure Network" in collaboration with Inspectech Analygas group Inc.

This grant will fund advanced real-world based simulation models informing the integration of Energy Storage System (ESS) to advance the operation electric bus transit, with Hatem Ahmed and Mohamed El-Sayed as the lead PhD graduate students.

Dr. Mohamed is developing tools, transferring knowledge and training new generations of competent employable engineers to capitalize on the opportunities associated with the role of disruptive technologies in future cities of tomorrow. There are two main streams to his research:

Public Transit Renaissance through the development of new research models for improving the quality of public transit systems. These models include, yet not limited to, electric buses, behavioural and perceptional models, feasibility assessment, cascading impacts, and innovative service delivery business models.

Disruptive Tools for Transportation Systems through the development of toolboxes informing the integration of various disruptive technologies. This research focuses on the utilization of adaptive analytical models (e.g. ML) for testing, validating, and quantifying the impacts of new technologies in our transportation system, with a focus on autonomous UAVs application in parcel delivery.


Civil Engineering Alumni Spotlight

Rob Casasanta, B.Eng. `93

“My engineering degree has been very valuable in the design and manufacturing work I do. It also taught me how to learn and adapt to new and different situations. Every day brings its challenges and rewards which allows me to continuously learn and improve.” 

Rob Casasanta, along with his two younger brothers, Vic and Luigi, runs Brantford’s LC Bakery Equipment Services Ltd., a successful manufacturer of industrial and commercial bakery and food services equipment.

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