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Department of Civil Engineering Welcomes you back!

Please note that Civil Engineering’s administrative staff are providing services in person and remotely.

We are open daily between 9:30- 12:00 and 1:00 - 3:30 and available virtually between 8:30 - 4:30.  

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Joanne Gadawski, Administrator

Amelia Brook, Graduate Admininstrative Assistant

Kent Wheeler, ADL Supervisor/Senior Lab Technician

Monica Han, Environmental Lab Technician

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your patience and take good care!

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We have updated our website with resources available to you that you might find useful during these times and moving forward.
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WTS International 2021 Women in Transportation Awards


Jing Li (left) – Focused Scholarship

Jing is a first-year Ph.D. student at McMaster University and a researcher with the AI-enhanced Mobility Lab at McMaster. Her research focuses on machine learning-enhanced traffic prediction, analysis of the spatial-temporal impact of traffic incidents, prediction of traffic incidents’ risk and severity, all under the supervision of Dr. Hao Yang.  She has published three journal papers and holds two patents. Jing has received several awards and recognitions, the most recent is the 2021 WTS Toronto Area Chapter Scholarship and the Outstanding Graduate Student award. Jing’s career goal is to be a transportation professional leading research teams that promote safe and efficient trips based on connected and autonomous vehicles.

Olivia Wiper (right) – Undergraduate Scholarship

Olivia is a second year Civil Engineering & Society student. She is passionate about incorporating sustainability into her work and hopes to improve transportation infrastructure in her future endeavours. She also enjoys learning languages in her free time. Olivia has studied French extensively in high school and on exchange in Geneve, Switzerland and is currently learning Mandarin on an application known as Duolingo. Some of her other hobbies include baking, and animal care. At school, she has participated in clubs such as the McMaster Solar Car Project where she helped the chassis sub team, the McMaster Engiqueers, and the Welcome Week group known as the RedSuits. She is very excited to have been awarded the 2021 WTS Toronto Area Chapter Scholarship and looks forward to meeting everyone within this wonderful community. 

Amir Arsalan Jameei Awarded the 2020 Dr. Gunhard A.E. Oravas Memorial Scholarship

Amir Arsalan is a Ph.D. candidate in Civil Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Pietruszczak. His Ph.D. research is focused on computational mechanics of fluid-infiltrated porous media that examines the interactions of different phases and phenomena in reference to the coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical analysis of fully or partially saturated porous media. Other areas of his research include: different kinematics (viz. geometric nonlinearity and linearity), presence of discontinuities and material instabilities (strain localization and shear band evolution), and computational plasticity (material behaviour in the context of classical and finite-strain plasticity). He has been developing a new continuum approach for the study of fractures, faults, and deformation localization in different engineering applications that deal with fluid-infiltrated porous media. He received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from the University of Guilan, Iran. His M.Sc. thesis introduced an innovative approach which obtains the limit loads of anisotropic soils through using the lower bound limit analysis in conjunction with finite elements and linear programming.

Dr. Gunhard A.E. Oravas was a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Civil Engineering. His research interests
included Engineering Mechanics and Structural Engineering. He was an outstanding scholar and dedicated teacher
who greatly contributed to the quality of engineering education at McMaster University. This award is established from
a charitable donation by the beneficiary of his estate.

Civil Engineering Student Wins the 2020 MacDATA Graduate Fellowship

Pengxiao Zhou, a first-year PhD student in the Department of Civil Engineering has been awarded the 2020 MacDATA Graduate Fellowship.

The project will establish an integrated toolkit for the prediction of influent and effluent emerging contaminants at wastewater treatment plants. In the short-term, the research program will focus on the development of data preprocessing, feature selection, predictive model development, and uncertainty analysis approaches for the real-time influent and effluent emerging contaminant control. In the long-term, the generated knowledge might be extended to various environmental engineering fields and multiple regions internationally.

Pengxiao Zhou is working under the supervision of Dr. Zoe Li. His research focuses on implementing uncertainty analysis for wastewater simulation models. This MacDATA project is being co-supervised by Dr. Wenbo He and Dr. Zoe Li.

Congratulations Pengxiao Zhou!

Moustafa Naiem Awarded 2019 Vanier CGS Scholarship

The Department of Civil Engineering is proud to announce that Moustafa Naiem, PhD student has been awarded a Vanier CGS Scholarship. Named after Major-General Georges P. Vanier, the first francophone Governor General of Canada, the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (Vanier CGS) is awarded to top ranking doctoral students who demonstrate academic excellence, research potential, and leadership.

Student Bio: 
Moustafa Naiem is a graduate from the Structural Engineering department in Cairo University in Egypt, earning his B.Sc. degree in 2016 and graduating first-of-class. He worked as a Teaching Assistant while earning his Masters degree in Structural Topology Optimization and Steel Structures Design at the same university in 2018.  Moustafa's passion went beyond academia - he was involved in reshaping the extra-curricular community at Cairo University during his undergraduate years. He was the co-founder and license holder for TEDxCairoUniversity for over three years, held a TEDx conference, and later became a mentor for the TEDx Community - and other organizations - in Egypt. At McMaster University, Moustafa has been developing measures to quantify critical infrastructure network resilience in cities under climate change-induced systemic (cascade) risks. His work has the potential to save billions of dollars.

Title of Research Proposal: 
"A Resilient Canada in the Face of Climate Change-Induced Systemic Risks"

Lay Abstract of the proposed research: 
In the past decades, Canada has witnessed a continuous increase in the frequency and magnitude of climate change-induced natural disasters. These events include droughts, floods, wildfires, and most recently, tornadoes. In 2016, climate change induced damage was estimated to be $8.6 billion in Canada, while in the United States of America, floods are becoming one of the costliest and highest in occurrence of all climate change induced hazards, costing an average of $8 billion dollars annually. Also, hurricanes such as hurricane Sandy cost over $67 billion dollars of total damage, while more recently. hurricane Florence resulted in an estimated damage of $5 billion so far. It is thus clear that the effect of climate change is already costing Canadians billions of dollars annually, at an increasing rate. Given the effect of these events on cities, there is yet to be a clear methodology to quantify a city’s resilience in the face of such hazards, and predict the losses, that also takes into account the interdependence of different infrastructure networks. Although there have been multiple frameworks in literature, none has been comprehensive for a large-scale city. As such, the proposed methodology introduces the utilization of several Machine Learning techniques to propose a 4-steps framework that quantifies city resilience under floods.

WTS International 2019 Women in Transportation Award

Rasha Hassan, a second year M.A.Sc. student at the department, was the recipient of the prestigious WTS International 2019 Women in Transportation Award. The award was presented during the WTS International Annual General Meeting on October 24th, 2019 in Toronto. Working within the McMaster INTERFACE Institute, Rasha’s research is focused on Resilience Quantification and Systemic Risk Mitigation Strategies of Interdependent Transportation Networks, under the supervision of Dr. Wael El-Dakhakhni in collaboration with Drs. Moataz Mohamed and Mohamed Ezzeldin.