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Technical Elective Page for Biosciences

Approved technical electives for chemical engineering and bioengineering


Biosciences Tech Electives (as of 2020)

Term 1

Term 2

Biochem 4E03
Gene Regulation and Stem Cell Development
Biochem 3H03 *
Clinical Biochemistry
Biochem 4M03
Nutrition and Metabolism
Biochem 4H03 *
Biotechnology and Drug Discovery
Biochem 4Q03
Biochemical Pharmacology
Biochem 4N03 *
Molecular Membrane Biology
 Mechanical Engineering 4BB3
Biochem 4Y03
Genomes and Evolution
Elec Eng 4BC3
Modelling of Biological Systems
Elec Eng 4BE4
Medical Robotics
Elec Eng 4BD4
Biomedical Instrumentation
Med Phys 4T03
Clinical Applications of Physics in Medicine

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