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Approved technical electives for chemical engineering and bioengineering

Updated for 2014/2015

Course Term Course Description
Biochem 3H03 * 2 Clinical Biochemistry
Biochem 4E03 1 Gene Regulation and Stem Cell Development
Biochem 4H03 * 2 Biotechnology and Drug Discovery
Biochem 4M03 1 Nutrition and Metabolism
Biochem 4N03 * 2 Molecular Membrane Biology
Biochem 4Q03 1 Biochemical Pharmacology
Biochem 4Y03 2 Genomes and Evolution
Mechanical Engineering 4BB3 1 Biomechanics
Elec Eng 4BC3 1 Modelling of Biological Systems
Elec Eng 4BD4 1 Biomedical Instrumentation
Elec Eng 4BE4 2 Medical Robotics
Med Phys 4T03 1 Clinical Applications of Physics in Medicine

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