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Areas of Specialization

Biomaterials and Devices Logo

Biomaterials and Devices

This pillar of the BME program encompasses the research fields of biomaterials and tissue engineering directed towards growth or regeneration of cells, tissues and organs. The technology includes development of biomaterials, implantable devices and sensors and other biologically compatible materials with applications in numerous medical devices and therapies.

Related Faculty


Dr. Kyla Sask

Assistant Professor

biomaterials; surface modification; protein and cell interactions; blood contacting medical devices; polymers

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Imaging, Sensing and Detection Logo

Imaging, Sensing and Detection

This pillar of the BME program includes research towards the development and application of imaging technologies applicable to cells, tissues, organs and the brain for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

Therapeutics Logo


This pillar of the BME program focuses research toward the development of novel drugs and drug delivery methods, including the development of biodegradable polymers and other materials for tissue engineering of cellular scaffold and release of signaling molecules.