Dr. Alex Adronov – Faculty of Engineering
Alex Adronov

Dr. Alex Adronov


Polymer synthesis, macromolecular architectures, dendrimers, polymer therapeutics, drug delivery, nanomaterials, carbon nanotube chemistry
  • Associate Member

    McMaster School of Biomedical Engineering


Research in the Adronov Group is mainly concerned with the synthesis and study of novel polymers with unique molecular architectures and nanoscale structures that may eventually have applications in diverse areas such as molecular electronics, sensory devices, new materials, and macromolecular therapeutics. Structures having a nanometer size regime provide numerous practical and intellectual challenges to the synthetic chemist. Taking nature’s example, such structures can be extremely useful and interesting, if one learns how to reliably prepare and manipulate them in a facile manner. By studying the macroscopic effects of simple variations in the molecular architecture and composition of functional building-blocks, we hope to infer structure-property relationships that will enable a greater understanding of large macromolecular assemblies (both covalent and non-covalent) and allow for the design of more effective, functional structures. At the heart of all our projects is organic synthesis, while the end goals of the research will be to solve practical problems with an impact on the “real world”.