#InsidetheLab: Fusing engineering and medicine to improve healthcare – Faculty of Engineering

#InsidetheLab: Fusing engineering and medicine to improve healthcare

Today’s Inside the Lab Instagram story spotlights an undergraduate student research team who put their hearts into their work.

Student group picture from the lab of Zahra K. Motamed

Under the supervision of Zahra K. Motamed, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, this collaborative group is taking a much closer look at the cardiovascular system to better diagnose and treat patients. To do so, they are creating an advanced computational model of the heart.

The group is comprised of five students: Menatalla Ibrahim, Electrical Engineering; Abigail Veneman, Mechanical Engineering & Society; Jacob Dudalski, Mechanical Engineering; and Melissa Baiocchi, Mechanical Engineering & Society.

When reflecting on what she loves most about her research experience, Ibrahim says, “I really loved connecting engineering and medicine. We can use our engineering thinking and skills to work in medicine, even though we’re not in medical school. We’re still making a huge contribution.”

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