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Future International Undergraduate Students

Study engineering at one of the world's top 85 universities. 

At McMaster Engineering, we offer you more than a best-in-class degree. We offer experiences that help create global-ready, socially-aware citizens through project-based classes, flexible co-op work terms, research opportunities and dozens of clubs and teams.

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Study at the Top Engineering School in Canada

 At McMaster Engineering, we offer you more than a best-in-class degree. We offer experiences that help create global-ready, socially-aware citizens through project-based classes, flexible co-op work terms, research opportunities and dozens of clubs and teams.

You define your experience, we'll help you get there.

A Global Reputation for Excellence

Ranked as one of the world's top engineering schools, the Faculty of Engineering plays a significant role in helping McMaster University earn its reputation as one of Canada’s most innovative universities. Our focus on experiential, problem-based learning and our interdisciplinary approach to collaboration results in smarter insights, ground-breaking ideas, and greater optimism.

#1 Most Research Intensive University in Canada

Research Infosource

Ranked Among Top 85 Universities in the World

Times Higher Education, 2023

#3 in Canada for Global Impact

Times Higher Education, 2021

Degree + Co-op

We support valuable co-op experiences in a flexible format. 

For Computer Science, iBioMed, and Engineering students, co-op at McMaster is optional and supported. Choose from 4, 8, 12, or 16 co-op term lengths. B.Tech. students must complete a total of 12 months of required co-op. 

Read student co-op testimonials and how our team of 18 co-op staff can support you.

 Degree + Clubs

We reward those who learn outside of the classroom.

We offer innovative programming, both inside and outside the classroom, to inspire our students, setting them on the path to becoming tomorrow's groundbreaking thought leaders and innovators.  

Learn more about opportunities to get involved in clubs and teams.


 Degree + Balanced Life

We are a #FireballFamily.

The Faculty of Engineering community is a family of students, faculty members, staff and alumni. The fireball is our official symbol and is at the heart of what keeps us together. 

Learn more about this important symbol of MacEng pride.

Explore how our MacEng community will support you throughout your undergraduate journey. 

 Degree + Innovation

We are educating emerging engineering leaders. 

Our students have the technical know-how, innovative mind-set, and business skills needed to implement big ideas within new or existing companies. 

Find out about our DECA scholarships and unique engineering and business program combinations.

The Faculty of Engineering offers four unique undergraduate programs. 

McMaster's undergraduate Engineering program, with a common first year, allows students to explore all of our degree path options before choosing a focus discipline. 

During the McMaster's common first year program, known as Engineering 1, students develop an understanding of all the engineering disciplines and gain a solid foundation in math and science. It also positions students to develop a broad personal network of peers before moving into an area of specialization.

Learn more

Explore ENGINEER 1P13

Beyond First Year

After successful completion of your first year in Engineering, students select from one of the multiple programs offered by the Faculty as well as the option of adding two options to your degree: Management or Society. 

Disciplines Options
Chemical Engineering Co-op 
Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering Engineering & Management 
Civil Engineering Engineering & Society 
Computer Engineering  
Electrical Engineering  
Engineering Physics  
Materials Engineering  
Mechanical Engineering  
Mechatronics Engineering  
Software Engineering  

The Honours Computer Science program offers courses designed to develop students into highly knowledgeable and skilled systems analysts, database specialists, software developers, and system administrators.

The new Computer Science curriculum takes experiential learning to the next level. In five practice and experience courses, the emphases will shift from lectures to lab-based exploration and discovery, including expanded coverage of practical topics. These new courses are in addition to the final year thesis and optional Software Entrepreneurship projects that are chosen and developed by students.

Co-op is an option you can add to your degree.

Learn more

The W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology offers the Bachelor of Technology Combined Degree/Diploma Program and Degree Completion Program in response to industry needs.

Combined Degree/Diploma Program - for Graduating Secondary School Students

In the B.Tech. program, students enter the first year of a four year degree in one of three disciplines:

Automotive and Vehicle Engineering Technology


Automation Engineering Technology

Graduates earn a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) degree from McMaster University and an Ontario advanced diploma in technology and business management certificate from Mohawk College.

Co-op is mandatory for B.Tech. students.

Degree Completion Program - for College Graduates

This unique “diploma to degree” program is tailor-made for college graduates wishing to upgrade their education and further their careers. All eligible program entrants receive two years of advanced credit from their previously completed college diploma or university degree. Disciplines offered are:

Civil Engineering Infrastructure Technology

Power & Energy Engineering Technology

Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Software Engineering Technology

Technology Certificate - for Technologists in the Industry

Many technologists find, after working in industry for a few years, that they need additional education and training in order to be more effective in their positions and to advance professionally. These additional needs are concerned with both general leadership and supervision skills (i.e. management) and advanced technical knowledge and skills. If you would like to supplement your career with additional education but do not want to upgrade to a degree, the diploma or certificate program is for you!

Learn more

At McMaster University, we’re transforming healthcare challenges into a new learning experience with the Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences (iBioMed) program. We’re bringing together the best of our top-ranked health sciences and engineering programs into a hands-on, project-based program with a strong focus on entrepreneurship and learning to solve real-world problems by doing.

The iBioMed program will give students a strong foundation in both engineering and health sciences. Students will have a common first year before choosing to specialize in either health sciences or engineering in their second year.

Co-op is an option you can add to your degree.

Learn more

All About International Admissions & Applications

Wondering how to apply to our Faculty of Engineering undergraduate programs? Watch this video for information on applying to our Engineering, Computer Science, Bachelor of Technology, and Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences programs. Also find out about international admission requirements, scholarships, and more!


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please visit the McMaster Admissions website for full admission details, including admission requirements, dates & deadlines, and the admission process and requirements for international students. 

Connect with Student Ambassadors

Our Student Ambassadors are all current undergraduate students within the Faculty of Engineering. Learn more about our ambassadors and what they love most about being a part of the McMaster Engineering community!

Students from more than 60 countries choose McMaster Engineering  

Meet Mia (China)

Meet Mia (China)

“McMaster University has a really welcoming atmosphere. People here help each other. We get to know each other. You need to put yourself out there and meet new people. Find out what you want to do and take the initiative to find opportunities for yourself.”

Meet Oluwatosin (Nigeria)

Meet Oluwatosin (Nigeria)

“Getting to know people at McMaster is easy ... People are willing to share notes and lend a helping hand when you need it.”

Meet Shaun (Malaysia)

Meet Shaun (Malaysia)

“I chose McMaster University because there’s a lot of nature, a lot of clubs and societies, and most importantly, there’s support. I chose Canada because of its reputation and openness worldwide. It reminds me of home in the sense that it’s open and friendlier than most countries."

Meet Sana (India/UAE)

Meet Sana (India/UAE)

“A lot of my relatives and family friends went to McMaster, so it was a recommended choice, especially Engineering. Canada connected with me because most of the companies here have a good work-life balance. It was a crucial reason that made me realize that this is somewhere I could build my career and future.”

Meet Fabiola (Mexico)

Meet Fabiola (Mexico)

"Even though I’m an international student, I feel like everyone around me is the same in a welcoming and nonjudgmental way. Everyone comes from different places and embraces that... My friends here feel like family."

Meet Kareem (Egypt/Saudi Arabia)

Meet Kareem (Egypt/Saudi Arabia)

“My favourite thing about McMaster is definitely the community. I feel part of it and that everyone around me is there for me. I can go up to someone random, ask for help and they wouldn’t reject me, or would lead me to someone who could help. Being part of this community is amazing.”

Meet Haoran (China)

Meet Haoran (China)

“What we learn in the classroom is theoretical. Professors teach, but we need to design and use what we learn and apply them to real-life cases. These teams help process the concepts you learn in lecture to real robots and designs.”

Meet Troy (China)

Meet Troy (China)

“I realized that having a work-life balance is real. It’s necessary, as is taking initiative. A turning point for me was that I learned how to take control, rather than doing what people told me to do. The fact that people would respect the decisions I made was pretty cool.”

Meet Amy (Barbados)

Meet Amy (Barbados)

“I gained communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills [during co-op]. I never had experience working with customers, and was really shy to talk to them and meeting people. But it was different; a new experience. Co-op was my first real job experience.”

Meet Mrinal (India)

Meet Mrinal (India)

“Work hard and never be shy. Apply yourself and take initiative. Good things happen when you take initiative. I’ve met amazing people at Mac... People are generally friendly, helpful and supportive. You never know when somebody will help you back.”

View more profiles

View more profiles

Download our program guide to view more student profiles and find out what they love most about McMaster Engineering. 

Advice from current international students

My International Journey to MacEng

My International Journey to MacEng

Out international students share their stories about coming to McMaster

Canada: From Our Point of View

Canada: From Our Point of View

Our MacEng international students talk about their first impressions of Canada


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Paying for Your Education

We know that tuition, cost of living, and scholarships are important to you, so we've listed resources and information below to help get you started on your journey. Read more about our co-op, student work programs, scholarships, and more.

 84% of international students choose the co-op option.

Students can work anywhere in the world, including for US employers such as Google, Microsoft, & Tesla 

The Faculty of Engineering Award of Excellence (Automatic)

Faculty of Engineering applicants will automatically receive:

Final Average
Award Amount

Full details here

B.Tech. Entrance Scholarship (Automatic)

Bachelor of Technology applicants will automatically receive: 

Final Average
Award Amount

Faculty of Engineering Entrance Scholarships (Application)

International students are welcome to apply for over $1,000,000 in available scholarships! ONLY ONE APPLICATION is required to be considered for all eligible Faculty of Engineering entrance scholarships. 

Click here for more information! 

Bursaries (Application)

International students, enrolled in Level II or higher and demonstrate financial need, can apply for the McMaster General Bursary Program!

Click HERE for details.

In-course Awards (Automatic & Application)

International students are eligible for our in-course awards once they have started their studies. Both automatic and application-based, these awards are typically awarded based on grades.

Learn More

Research Experience Awards (Automatic)

All Faculty of Engineering application-based entrance scholarship winners are guaranteed a research position in the summer after first year. Valued at $6,000 and can count as co-op.

Read about past researchers

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We offer student work-programs  throughout the school-year and summer for international students who demonstrate financial need.  There are more than 1250 jobs available with more than 110 different McMaster departments.


International students have access to our world-class co-op program. Fully paid ($50,000 CAD average annual salary) positions available in Canada or abroad. The best part? You decide when you would like to complete co-op and we’ll help you get there.

Learn more about co-op.

Tuition fees vary by program, citizenship status, and number of units.  Head to our fees website to read more about tuition rates.

Number of Units
Computer Science

Want to get a bigger picture of what your first year will cost?

Use our cost-estimator to input your information and calculate your costs.

Inputs include citizenship status, program, and where you will be living! Other costs are pre-populated or you can add in your own amounts.

Estimate costs now!

Please see here for McMaster University entrance awards for international students!

There are no scholarships offered by McMaster that will fully cover tuition costs for international students. 

Please see here for more information!

Supporting our Students

At McMaster Engineering, you're always among friends - more than 6000 of them! Our #FireballFamily is a supportive community where students build each other up in a spirit of collaboration, not competition. 


Learn more about McMaster Engineering

Take a by-the-numbers look at McMaster University's Faculty of Engineering to get a sense of who we are.

Worried about moving to a new country?

In global rankings, Canada is consistently ranked as a top country to live in for quality of life. Canada is a multicultural mosaic, with people that embrace diversity, are notoriously friendly, and are considered top talent for major international corporations. 

At McMaster, we have a variety of on and off campus supports and services available to help you adjust and thrive in Canada and at McMaster University. 

Use this list of resources to help you get started. If you can't find what you are looking for, email us at

Distinguished University Professor Jamal Deen named to Academy of the United Nations Science and Technology Organization

September 13, 2021

Distinguished University Professor Jamal Deen named to Academy of the United Nations Science and Technology Organization

Academy unites academics for global cooperation on thorny issues

McMaster ranked among the top 80 universities worldwide

September 2, 2021 / Source: Daily News

McMaster ranked among the top 80 universities worldwide

McMaster has been named among the world’s top 100 universities for the fifth year in a row, according to a key international ranking that spans more than 1,600 institutions worldwide.

McMaster Engineering, one of Canada\'s top engineering programs, recruiting globally for research faculty positions

November 15, 2020

McMaster Engineering, one of Canada's top engineering programs, recruiting globally for research faculty positions

To support McMaster Engineering’s growth and longstanding strengths in research, innovation and graduate training, The Faculty is recruiting widely for tenure-track and teaching-track positions across multiple departments.

Learn more about McMaster Engineering