Dr. Yiping Guo – Faculty of Engineering
Yiping Guo

Dr. Yiping Guo


Urban drainage stormwater management, water distribution network, frequency and time series analysis, resilience and uncertainty quantification.

Research Clusters

  • Associate Chair – Graduate Studies

    Civil Engineering

  • Professor

    Civil Engineering


Dr. Guo’s research mainly concentrates on the planning, design and operation of urban drainage systems and water distribution networks. Probabilistic and stochastic models are developed to improve our understanding of the hydrologic and hydraulic processes involved in the operation of the drainage network, flood control, stormwater management, and water distribution systems. Impacts of climate change and remediation measures are investigated. Alternative planning and design approaches and modelling methodologies are proposed, tested and promoted. A comprehensive set of analytical probabilistic models have being developed for the planning and design of urban stormwater management systems and tested for many North American locations.

Block Heading

B.Sc. (Zhejiang)

M.A.Sc., Ph.D. (Toronto)