Dr. Stanislaw Pietruszczak – Faculty of Engineering
Stanislaw Pietruszczak

Dr. Stanislaw Pietruszczak


Mechanics of solids, constitutive relations in inelastic range, numerical analysis of structural and geotechnical problems

Areas of Specialization

  • Professor (Emeritus)

    Civil Engineering


The research areas include Geomechanics, Structural Mechanics as well as some aspects of Biomechanics. The key topics are as follows:

Geomechanics: Modelling of inelastic response of geomaterials (soils, rocks, etc.); application to numerical analysis of geotechnical structures. Description of inherent and induced anisotropy through incorporation of some tensorial functions reflecting the evolution of material microstructure. Modelling of the chemo-mechanical interaction in rocks / soils. Description of localized deformation in dry and saturated soils (vz. an enhanced embedded discontinuity approach).

Structural Mechanics: Modelling of mechanical properties of masonry and reinforced concrete. Numerical analysis of damage propagation in concrete structures, including nuclear containment structures. Assessment of seismic stability of masonry structures. Modelling of the mechanical effects of alkali-aggregate reaction in hydraulic structures.

Biomechanics: Description of aging and functional adaptation of bone. Evaluation of risk of fracture of bones; modelling of bone-implant interaction.

Block Heading

Dr. Pietruszczak has written over 170 technical papers on the research topics listed above. He is the author of a monograph on ‘Fundamentals of Plasticity in Geomechanics’ (translated into two other languages) and co-author of Proceedings of 12 different International Symposia that he organized (in collaboration with Prof. G.N. Pande, University of Swansea, U.K.) in various European/North American cities. He was the North American Editor of Intern. Journal ‘Computers and Geotechnics’, Elsevier Science Ltd. (1989-2011) and is presently on Editorial Board of a number of other International Journals. He is also a member of various Advisory Boards (e.g., European Research Council – International Panel of Experts; Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission – Geoscience Advisory Group) and is currently the Vice-President of the International Centre for Computational Engineering (IC2E), which is an educational charity registered in Rhodes, Greece.

B.Eng., M.Sc (Warsaw)

Ph.D (Polish Academy of Science)