Dr. Ramla Qureshi – Faculty of Engineering
Ramla Qureshi

Dr. Ramla Qureshi


Structural resilience against extreme hazards: earthquakes, fire safety, and blast engineering. Experimental mechanics, real-time hybrid simulation and other forms of cyber-physical testing. Conjunction of structural resilience and sustainability. Risk assessment, uncertainty modelling, and reliability analyses for performance-based design.

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    Civil Engineering


Dr. Ramla Qureshi’s research focus encompasses fortifying buildings against natural and man-made hazards, such as earthquakes, fires, and blasts. Her engineering expertise is marked by the utilization of advanced methodologies such as experimental mechanics and real-time hybrid simulation, and underscores a steadfast commitment to pioneering research. Beyond her academic pursuits, Dr. Qureshi assumed a pivotal role in 2013 by founding Women Engineers Pakistan (WEP), an initiative aimed at breaking down gender barriers within the STEM domain. In operating both as a researcher and advocate, Dr. Qureshi not only contributes significantly to the advancement of structural engineering but also plays a transformative role in fostering inclusivity within the engineering discipline.

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Dr. Ramla Qureshi’s research focus lies in structural resilience against extreme hazards; such as earthquakes, fires, and blasts; and includes implementation of advanced computational and experimental mechanics for evaluating the performance of structures under these severe loading conditions. She works on risk assessment and uncertainty quantification in material behavior, algorithm development and programming, large scale simulations of structural behavior, and finite element modeling of deformations under the above-mentioned loads. Dr. Qureshi’s research is supported by the NSERC Discovery Grant (awarded: 2022) as well as the British Columbia Forestry Innovation Investment fund (awarded for the year 2022-23).

Dr. Qureshi completed her doctoral and master’s degrees in civil/structural engineering from The State University of New York at Buffalo, NY USA. Her professional background includes work experience in multinational organizations in USA and Pakistan.

Ph.D. Civil Engineering, 2021
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, USA
Thesis: Evaluation of steel columns under fire: Real-time Hybrid Testing and Reliability Assessments. Supervisor: Negar Elhami-Khorasani

M.Sc. Civil Engineering, 2016
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, USA
Thesis: Behavior of Steel Plate Shear Walls subjected to Long Duration Earthquakes. Supervisor: Michel Bruneau

Dr. Qureshi is a recipient of the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship and the American Association for University Women Doctoral Fellowship. She founded Women Engineers Pakistan (WEP) in 2013; a grass-roots organization catalyzing participation and enabling retention of women in STEM fields. For her work in advancing STEM education through WEP, she was chosen as a Global Finalist for “Science Engagement Breakthrough of the Year Award” at the 2020 Falling Walls Conference, Berlin.