Dr. Mohamed Hussein – Faculty of Engineering
Mohamed Hussein

Dr. Mohamed Hussein


Active modes of travel, enhancing road safety to support sustainability, application of innovation tools, AI, machine learning, computer vision, agent-based modeling to analyze road-user behaviour, risk-based design of highways and transportation networks.
  • Associate Professor

    Civil Engineering


Dr. Hussein’s research focuses on promoting active modes of travel and enhancing road safety to support the sustainability of the transportation system. He is interested in the application of innovative tools, including AI, machine learning, computer vision and agent-based modeling, in analyzing road users’ behaviour. This comprehensive analysis supports the investigation of many applications, such as safety studies, interactions between non-motorized road users and Connected/Autonomous vehicles, among other applications. He is also interested in the application of reliability theory in transportation engineering, the statistical analysis of collision data, and the surrogate measures of safety.

Block Heading

B.Sc., M.Sc. (Ain Shams)

Ph.D. (UBC)