Dr. Ken S. (Siva) Sivakumaran – Faculty of Engineering
Ken Sivakumaran

Dr. Ken S. (Siva) Sivakumaran


Structural engineering, coldformed steel structures.

Areas of Specialization

Research Clusters

  • Professor (Emeritus)

    Civil Engineering

  • Graduate Student Advisor

    Civil Engineering


Structural steel engineering is Dr. Sivakumaran’s area of expertise. Primary research involves the behaviour, analysis and design of steel structures in general and cold-formed steel structural elements in particular. Current investigations include; evaluation of impact of holes on the moment resistance of steel beams, development of reinforcement strategies for cold-formed steel joists having large opening in moment zone, shear zone, and web-crippling zone. His works deploy experimental, analytical and finite element method based simulations.

Block Heading

B.Eng. (Sri Lanka)

M.Eng (Asian Institute of Technology)

Ph.D. (Calgary)