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Computer Science

Dive into a program that merges scientific rigor with interdisciplinary learning, positioning you to innovate in a booming industry and make impactful changes in the world.

4 years
Bachelor of Applied Science (Co-op Available)
Computer Science


Core learning

The program is built around three core areas: computing fundamentals, software design, and systems. 

Systems-oriented topics

Students are trained in modern systems-oriented topics such as distributed networks, secure, high-performance, and web-based systems.

Four pillars

The Computer Science program is built on four columns:

  • Theoretical foundations of Computer Science
  • Programming courses
  • Software Design courses
  • Systems oriented courses

Career advantages

This design philosophy ensures that our students understand the fundamentals and gives them the key advantage in today’s job market.

  • Understand how to compose sound programs in modern programming languages
  • Understand Software Design and Software Management
  • Understand the needs of modern Software systems including the internet and the World Wide Web
  • Select freely from 30 units (10 courses) in other subjects to tailor your education to your interests

My favourite thing about Computer Science in general is its interdisciplinary nature, in that I can apply my Computer Science degree to solve real-world problems across any industry. The Computer Science curriculum at McMaster University allows me to explore these problems through its flexible curriculum.

Alyssia M. Jovellanos, Computer Science

Admission requirements

Academic Prerequisites

Six grade 12 U/M courses including:

  • English (ENG4U)
  • Calculus (MCV4U)
  • Two of SBI4U, SCH4U, SPH4U, SES4U, ICS4U or TEJ4M

Use the Future Students admissions tool to check requirements.

Anticipated Admission Range
min 90%
Supplementary Application

Co-op and experiential learning

Experiential learning provides students with hands-on opportunities beyond the traditional lecture-style format to gain valuable experience.

The Engineering Co-op Program is an optional program which provides you with the opportunity to work in real engineering positions before you graduate. The Undergraduate Co-op Program is administered by the Engineering Co-op and Career Services Department (ECCS).

Example employers:

  • Advanced MicroDevices (AMD)
  • Microsoft
  • Bell Canada
  • Evertz Microsystems
  • IBM Canada
  • Ford Motor Company of Canada
  • Toronto Hydro Corporation
  • ArcelorMittal
  • CIBC Canadian Imperial Bank of Canada

Learn more about co-op.

McMaster Engineering has many engineering clubs, teams and societies you can join to enhance your practical knowledge and soft skills, provide support, or give you the chance to explore new activities. Clubs are an enjoyable way to enrich your student life and contribute to your social development and academic success.

  • PhaseOne (formerly HackItMAC)
  • McMaster SumoBot Club
  • MacACM
  • McMaster Solar Car Project
  • Arduino Club

Browse opportunities to get involved and gain experience.

The Computer Science program at McMaster University prioritizes hands-on learning through lab-based courses, covering both practical skills like profiling and tuning, and foundational subjects like operating systems and compilers. This method equips students with direct experience, readying them for real-world challenges in their future careers.

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