Engineer What You LoveMcMaster engineer uses microwave technology to detect concealed weapons

Natalia Nikolova is part of an upcoming project that will use portable radar technology to help military, police and security personnel detect concealed weapons out in the field.


Engineer What You Love at McMaster University

Our McMaster Engineering community has dedicated itself to broadening participation in engineering. We are inspiring young women to change our world by pursuing an engineering degree.

Women in Engineering

Women in Engineering

Our McMaster Engineering community has dedicated itself to broadening participation in engineering. We are inspiring young women to change our world by pursuing an engineering

Ayse Turak

MacGyver Inspires Innovative Research Workshops

Ayse Turak is looking to 1980s’ TV action hero ‘MacGyver’ for inspiration in the lab. Turak, an assistant professor in engineering physics, plans to create a series of workshops in 2016 where undergraduate summer research students are put into over-the-top scenarios and asked to ‘MacGyver’ their way to a solution.

Smart cities

McMaster Engineering: Building cities of the future (video)

Video shows how McMaster Engineering is leading transformative research using the Internet of Things to develop smart systems, smart cities and communities of the future.

Myrto Korogiannaki

Chemical engineer’s contacts could help treat glaucoma

A McMaster PhD candidate has harnessed a component naturally found in tears to develop a contact lens-based drug delivery system for glaucoma patients.

Kevin Dunn

Kevin Dunn offers five tips on how to be innovative in the classroom

Dunn is an assistant professor with McMaster University's Faculty of Engineering. He was recognized this month with the 2015 President's Award for Outstanding Contributions to Teaching and Learning. This award acknowledges excellent teaching practices on campus

Ghani Razaqpur

McMaster Civil Engineer Professor Receives Achievement Award

McMaster Engineering Professor Ghani Razaqpur has been honoured with a major award for his contributions to the field of civil engineering.

Alyssia Jovellanos and Jonathan Boulanger

Hack attack: McMaster students win big at AngelHack Toronto

What could you create from scratch in just 24 hours?

That was the challenge facing Alyssia Jovellanos and Jonathan Boulanger, a pair of first-year computer science students who recently took home one of the top prizes at AngelHack Toronto

Winners at the 27th Canadian Materials Science Conference

Shooka Mahboubi (L) and Michael J. Nemcko, Materials Science & Engineering Ph.D. students, win best student paper awards at the 27th Canadian Materials Science Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Ali Emadi

Electric vehicles and harvesting waste energy research projects among those to receive $15M from Ontario government

Two major McMaster University engineering projects are among those to receive nearly $15-million in research funding.

Sam Virtue

McMaster EcoCar3 team sets the pace at Seattle competition

A McMaster Engineering student car team had a strong showing during the first round of an intensive four-year challenge to redesign a classic muscle car with more environmentally friendly features.

George Roter and Thomas Jenkins

McMaster Engineering Recognizes Roter, Jenkins with honorary degrees

Two engineers who have changed the world in meaningful ways through their innovative work in engineering and technology will be the recipients of honorary degrees.

Sam Virtue

Convocation: Q&A with valedictorian Sam Virtue

Virtue talks about what he learned at McMaster and his ultimate goals

Sean Mercer

Convocation: Q&A with valedictorian Sean Mercer

Mercer talks about why he wanted to be valedictorian, his best Mac memories and what comes next after graduation

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