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Civil Engineering capstone

Featured projects

  • Roberta Bondar Hall (RBH) Development

    Jon Armstrong, Satvik Bajaj, Liam Gaudet, Sam MacKenzie, Omar Mahbub, Ajmir Wahab
  • Port Credit GO

    Ahmad Osmani, Connor Morris, Dhwani Rao, Lance Ocampo, Paulo Temporada, Salima Dhanani
  • The Commuting Hub Project

    Ryan Lafuente, Ardit Gashi, Andre Haroun, Mustaga Alayan, Michael Majerovich, Touqeer Khan
  • Milton Heights

    Milton Heights Community Residential Condominium includes Daycare and Retail Facilities, which integrates various highly-demanded services to residences in one place. It is an 8-story mixed-use condominium located in Milton, ON, featuring a daycare and multiple retail facilities on its first floor. The centre addresses the shortage of housing and daycare space, while centralizing vital services to serve new and growing families within the community. The building also includes underground parking, beautiful open-space areas to provide a convenient, comfortable, and welcoming living experience while design initiatives—such as a greywater system and low-impact development technologies—promote the idea of a sustainable future. In addition, the design also includesa green roof to ensure the green areas are maximized, as well as to provide a welcoming and aesthetic look to the building. Milton heights tackles the housing issue by putting necessary services (like food and daycare) in a close distance to the family living space. Team members: Manuel Aliendre, Brian Ho, Ziad Husseini, Fozan Khawaja, Rachel Ng, Lauren Sargious
  • Multi-Purpose Cultural Heritage and Medical (CHAM) Centre

    The proposed plan is to design a multi-purpose cultural centre for the residents of Beausoleil First Nation on Christian Island. The building will have two floors. The first floor will be where the medical clinic and pharmacy are located, as well as spaces and rooms for council meetings, events, gatherings, and classes. In the northeast corner of the first floor, an auditorium will be located for events and performances. The second floor will have a large office space and smaller rooms for meetings and events. The ample indoor space can be used as an emergency shelter if there is a disaster. The building will ideally serve as one of the main central cornerstones of the island and bolster the community in many aspects. Team members: Janu Devanathan, Drake Difazio, Christopher Leung, Aidan Ritchie-Dickinson, Paul Tran, Brandon Vaughan
  • St. Catharines Sports and Community Centre

    The St. Catharines Sports and Community Centre is a project undertaken by six students from the McMaster Civil Engineering Department, Sam Richardson, Claire Benoit, Emily Allen, Dua Nezami, Justin May, and Luka Peso, forming Cross Brace Inc. The company aims to develop a new indoor Sports and Community Centre for the St. Catharines community. The nearest indoor soccer field to the neighbourhood is a 20 to 30-minute drive away in Welland or Niagara Falls. With a population almost triple that of Welland, the St. Catharines community deserves convenient access to a soccer facility year-round. The indoor soccer field will be the main attraction to the area; however, the structure will also consist of a 400m running track supported above the field. In addition to providing new and improved athletic facilities to the community, Cross Brace believes that it is important to ensure that it is sustainable, accessible, and will be well-used in the community. Therefore, the facility will also include commercial spaces for lease, a restaurant, and studio spaces, all for community use. The walkability of communities is something that the group believes is very important for building healthy communities, and this complements the core purpose of an athletic facility. This project has outlined the architectural layout, design of parking lot, structural elements, foundation, building science, and sustainability aspect, as well as an overall cost estimate. Team members: Claire Benoit, Emily Allen, Sam Richardson, Justin May, Dua Nezami
  • Community Centre Capstone Project

    The West London area is in need of a community centre that serves the growing population of London by providing residents with recreational facilities and services. The objective of this project is to create a community centre that will help facilitate civic engagement and enhance the general quality of life of the community, following the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This report will detail plans to bring this vision to life while ensuring safety, sustainability, and innovation are prioritised. Team members: Haneefah Bakare, Lisa Deng, Yakeza Koneswaran, Radia Mustafiz, Anuja Rajkumar, Dhvni Shah
  • JMPD Warehouse

    JMPD Consulting recognized a need for warehouse storage near the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport. Three locations were considered; however, 9196 Dickenson Road West housed the best property while in close proximity to the airport for easy transportation of goods. The warehouse will be primarily used to store and sort merchandise for small to medium sized e-commerce businesses. Size, layout, constructability, topography, and environmental assessment were discussed for the selection of the location. A layout was proposed based on the requirements of the Ontario Building Code and through the judgement of JMPD Consultants. The 120,000 sq-ft warehouse features a main floor with ample storage space and a small portion for administrative offices and employee lounge areas. Team members: Parsa Norouzian, Mikhail Pereira, Dara Darki, Dhvanil Amin, Jonathan McIntyre, Julia Aprile
  • Derry Green Collaboration Center

    The Derry Green Corporate Business Park Prestige Site Project was chosen to be located at the corner of Derry Road West to the north, and James Snow Parkway South to the west in the northeast of the city of Milton. This location was chosen as it is located at the gateway entrance to the Business Park on a prestige zoning area where the 5 storey multi use building has the ability to set the standard for future design in the area. Team members: Nicole Sutton, Samuel Matarazzo, Gabriel Coutu, Jason Sider, Amna Rizvi, Megan Falco
  • Ancaster Shopping Mall Project

    This project designed a 3-storey shopping center. The first floor is an open parking lot, and the rest two will be used as shopping areas. The project is located at the cross of Alexander Graham Bell Parkway and Highway 6. in the Ancaster region in Hamilton. The building itself is an L- shaped structure with a dimension of 75*80 plus 150*100-meter squares. The overall floor space is expected to be around 12000-meter squares considering related sidewalks and paths. This project involves many sustainability aspects from environmental, economic and social perspectives. It includes a green roof, use of double skin facades, modular construction and more. Team members: Afaq Ahmad, Samir Balan, Farhan Maqbool, Wanjun Xiong, Gilbert Xu, Edwin Zhang