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Academic Advising

COVID-19 Update: Please note, the Engineering Academic Advising Office (Hatch 301) will move from in-person appointments to online appointments.

The office phone number is currently inactive. For assistance please e-mail one of our advisors listed below.

COVID-19: Office of the Registrar Academic FAQs  **NEW: Grade Change Options for Undergraduate Courses **

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Academic Advisors are available to assist you with any problems or questions you may have. This includes course selections, changes to your enrolment, McMaster Student Absence Form (MSAF), exams, taking courses at another university (for credit at McMaster), Petitions for Special Consideration, and much more. If you need help for any reason, come see us right away. 


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If you would like to book an appointment with your Academic Advisor please email them. Click on their bios above


Office of the Associate Dean 
McMaster University
1280 Main St. West 
Hamilton, Ont., L8S 4L8

** Note: We do not currently have in-person office hours**

Our Team

Academic Advisors

Academic Forms and Procedures

For your convenience, here are some commonly used forms that you can download and print. 

This information is protected and being collected under section 39 (2) and section 42 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act of Ontario.


Academic Accommodation For Religious, Indigenous and Spiritual Observances (RISO)

McMaster University strives to be welcoming and inclusive of all its members and respectful of their differences. Students, staff, and instructors come from a range of backgrounds, traditions and beliefs. The University recognizes that, on occasion, the timing of a student’s religious, Indigenous, or spiritual observances and that of their academic obligations may conflict. In such cases, the University will provide reasonable academic accommodation that is consistent with the Ontario Human Rights Code, through respectful, accessible and fair processes.

This Policy does not apply to the following: general course or program requirements; co-op, clinical and other experiential placements; residence; athletics; dietary restrictions; access to space; use of space; ablution; and employment matters, including teaching assistantships.

For more details, please review the Policy on Academic Accommodation for Religious, Indigenous and Spiritual Observances.

Academic Accommodation for Religious, Indigenous and Spiritual Observances (RISO) - Student Request Form

Academic Accommodation for Religious, Indigenous and Spiritual Observances (RISO) - Final Examinations

RISO Fact Sheet for Students (Please read this information fully before submitting your RISO Academic Accommodation Form)

RISO Fact Sheet for Instructors

Letter of Permission

Students may request to take a course at another institution for credit towards their McMaster degree by applying through Mosaic, as follows:

Mosaic Student Centre > My Academics > Student LOP App > Apply for Letter of Permission

  • Students can search course equivalencies, by University, for LOP credit through Mosaic
  • If the course has not been previously reviewed/approved for course equivalency credit, it
    can be submitted for consideration through the Request Additional Courses step. Additional information, including the course description will be required as part of the request submission.
  • The status of the LOP application can be monitored in Mosaic, as follows:

Mosaic > Student Centre > My Academics > Student LOP App

  • Students are responsible for making a formal application to the institution where they intend to study. Review the other University (Host Institution) website to ensure the course you wish to take is offered in the appropriate term. Follow the host institution’s application procedures (being mindful of dates and deadlines).
  • Once the LOP course work had been deemed ‘Approved’, the student MUST print the
    Letter of Permission available in the Mosaic Student Centre and send it to the host university.

Completing a Letter of Permission:

  • Students are responsible for ensuring official transcripts for courses taken at another institution are sent directly from the host institution to the Office of the Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering to ensure their record is updated with the result of the course. Transcripts are NOT to be sent to the Office of the Registrar.
  • Students must achieve a minimum grade of C- (60%) for transfer of credit. The transcript designation reads T, indicating Transfer, when a grade of C- or better is attained. These units will count towards your degree and to satisfy requisites, however, will not be calculated in your cumulative or sessional averages.
  • For courses with grades of less than C- (60%) a grade of NC (no credit) will appear on your McMaster transcript. These units will not count towards your degree or satisfy requisites, nor will they be included in the calculation of your cumulative or sessional averages.
  • If you complete the Letter of Permission application, but decide not to register in (or complete) the course, you  MUST provide proof of this to the Office of the Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering. Please request that a transcript, letter, or e-mail be sent from the host institution to our office confirming your registration status (i.e. course dropped/cancelled/not even enrolled).
  • Final Year Students expecting to graduate: transcripts for LOP courses must be received in the
    Office of the Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering no later than:
    Spring Convocations: May 15th
    Fall Convocations: October 15th


Petition for Relief for Missed Term Work (MSAF)


  1. If you are seeking relief for missed academic work because of an absence lasting less than three days in duration, you must use the McMaster Student Absence Form.
  2. Absences lasting more than three days must be reported to the Associate Dean’s Office (JHE-H301) and appropriate documentation must be provided. For medical absences, the University reserves the right to require students to obtain medical documentation from the Student Wellness Centre.
  3. You should expect to have academic commitments Monday through Saturday but not on Sunday or statutory holidays. 
  4. At the second request for relief of academic missed work, you will be asked to meet with the Assistant or Associate Dean (or delegate). Relief for missed academic work is not guaranteed.
  5. You are responsible to contact your instructor(s) promptly to discuss the appropriate relief.
  6. It is the prerogative of the instructor of the course to determine the appropriate relief for missed term work in his/her course.

All questions may be directed to Karen Winger, Administrative Assistant in the Associate Dean’s Office (JHE-H301). She can be reached at (905) 525-9140 Ext. 24646 or by email at

Please Download MSAF form


Frequently Asked Questions can be here

Paws N' Play

McMaster Engineering's Academic Advising office runs a monthly dog therapy program during the school year for all students. 

We are looking for McMaster alumni interested in becoming members of the McMaster Dog Therapy Team. This initiative is part of McMaster Engineering's Paws n' Play program, which is an affiliate of the Dogs at MAC program on campus, a collaboration with the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA.



Launched in February 2018, the Paws N' Play therapy program attracts dozens of engineering students each visit. 

How it works

How it works

Volunteers with trained dogs lend an hour of their day to put a smile on our students' faces. 



The program was developed as a stress relief for students during the hectic school year. 

Your First Year

Learn everything you need to know about mapping out your first year. This is required reading for all incoming first-year students.