My Giving Story: Daniel D’Souza – Faculty of Engineering

My Giving Story: Daniel D’Souza

Fifth year iBioMed student Daniel D’Souza reflects on his time as a McMaster student and how it inspired him to give back.

Daniel D'Souza

Fifth year iBioMed student Daniel D’Souza reflects on his time as a McMaster student and how it inspired him to give back.

Entrepreneurship, innovation and community. These are the words that come to mind when Daniel D’Souza reflects on his time at Mac.

In his fifth and final year as an iBioMed student, D’Souza knew he wanted to give back to the community that had given him so much from the very first moment he set foot on campus.

D’Souza recently made his second contribution to the iBioMed department this year. 

What was his inspiration for this generous gift? He says he doesn’t see it as a gift, but rather a way to support a cause that inspires him.

This donation is not really a donation, it is an investment in innovation and entrepreneurship. Because what is an investment really? One invests in something they believe in, something they see has the potential to grow and expand, and something that is making a real impact.

Daniel D’Souza

Before he officially joined the Fireball Family, D’Souza took a tour of McMaster as a high school student. He recalls being struck by the iBioMed labs and facilities in particular while the meaningful work of first year students that was on display was the thing that convinced him he wanted to attend McMaster after graduation.

“The iBioMed program puts the students in the driver’s seat, and this is exactly what is needed to tackle today’s healthcare problems. Harnessing the potential and creativity of young people, allowing them to bring in their unique and fresh perspectives, and seeing opportunities that others cannot…these are the ingredients of innovation,” says D’Souza. “To paraphrase Optimus Prime, there is more to young people than meets the eye.”

While the hands-on work and experiential learning aspects of the iBioMed program is what brought D’Souza to McMaster, he says the driving force behind his success and passion over the last five years has been the people he’s met along the way.

“The most important aspect that makes these this program so successful is the dedicated instructional team. From the TAs to lab techs to community partners to professors, there is a real sense of community where all these individuals strive to provide students with the tools and guidance to succeed.”

D’Souza hopes that his donations will continue to support the future generations of iBioMed students.

“Personally, being in my final year, I look back at this program and see how enriching this program has been for me. I feel honoured to be able to contribute in any way to the support and success that this program has given me, to pass it on to future and current iBioMed students.”

If there is one piece of advice he could give, D’Souza says:

“If there is a cause, organization, program or other entity that has made a difference in your life or is making a difference in the world, I call upon you, regardless of your age and if you are able to, to give back. It’s one of the greatest investments you can make and one that will constantly churn out returns.”