Mac Eng Celebrates our President’s Award Recipients & Nominees – Faculty of Engineering

Mac Eng Celebrates our President’s Award Recipients & Nominees

These awards recognize outstanding contribution to the mission of McMaster University.

Mac Eng Celebrates our President’s Award Recipients & Nominees

McMaster Engineering is thrilled to celebrate the individuals and team that were recipients and nominees of the 2022 President’s Award for Outstanding Service. These awards provide recognition for employees or groups of employees who have made an outstanding contribution beyond that normally expected for their position to the mission of McMaster University through: 

  • the provision of exceptional service to staff, faculty, students, alumni, donors or visitors; 
  • the identification of measures which contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of University operations; 
  • a direct or indirect contribution to the community or the University which impacts the reputation of McMaster. 

Recipients of the President’s Award for Outstanding Service in 2022 

Lindsay Bolan, Director, Outreach and Engagement 

Lindsay Bolan, Director, Outreach and Engagement

I often say that I have the best job at McMaster.  Each and every day, I have the opportunity to be creative alongside the most talented and collaborative people. I have the privilege of working to improve the experience and enhance relationships with and for outstanding future students, students and alumni. This recognition is truly the cherry on top of an exceptionally rewording work-sundae.

Omar Danta, Facilities Manager, Booth School

Omar Danta, Facilities Manager, Booth School

The award is a very meaningful recognition of my work and contributions to the W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology and the Faculty of Engineering that I am greatly appreciative to receive from the President, the award committee and all my fellow colleagues that contributed to my nomination.

Lina Liu, Research Engineer, Chem Eng

Lina Liu, Research Engineer, Chem Eng

McMaster University is such an amicable environment to work in. It has been a great experience working with our students and I love my research work too. I feel so proud and very encouraged by this recognition.

With the award, I want to sincerely  thank my supervisor Dr. Heather Sheardown for her guidance and thank our group and our Chem Eng department for their supports throughout the last 20 years.

Again, I greatly appreciate the compliment and it inspires me to do my best to contribute to the McMaster University community in my future work!

Steven Spencer, Instructional Facilities Engineer, ECE

Steven Spencer, Instructional Facilities Engineer, ECE

It was wonderful to be recognized and receive the President’s award for Outstanding Service. Those feelings were enhanced further when I heard about all of those who contributed to my nomination, spearheaded by our Department Chair Dr. Mohamed Bakr.

Abbie Little, Community Engagement Coordinator

Abbie Little, Community Engagement Coordinator

To be nominated for and win this award is a highlight of my career at McMaster so far, and I am honoured to be recognized amongst a group of inspiring, passionate and dedicated leaders. I look forward to advancing my career at McMaster and continuing to work alongside these brilliant individuals to make our campus and community a brighter world.

Bring Your Own Bottle Working Group

Bring Your Own Bottle Working Group

Team Members:  Leah Allan, Lynn Armstrong, Megan Bieksa, Adrianna Diab, Shelir Ebrahimi*, John Hemmer, Monica Palkowski, Alicia Westfall, Kate Whalen 
*denotes Engineering faculty member


Michael Clarke, Instrumentation Tech, Chem Eng 

Michael Clarke, Instrumentation Tech, Chem Eng

“It’s feels nice to even be nominated, I feel my department appreciates the work I do.”

Basem Yassa, Instructional Assistant

Basem Yassa, Instructional Assistant

“It is truly an honor to be recognized among such esteemed individuals. The President’s Award represents the culmination of my dedication and hard work, reaffirming my commitment to excellence in my field.”

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