Dr. Stephen C. Veldhuis – Faculty of Engineering
Stephen Veldhuis

Dr. Stephen C. Veldhuis


Manufacturing, machine tools, precision machining, ultra precision machining, manufacturing process modeling and simulation, tribology, nano indentation, surface engineering, hard wear protective coatings, process optimization

Areas of Specialization

  • Professor, Director (MMRI) and Braley-Orlick Chair in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering


Specific Research Activities

My current research interests lie in the area of high performance manufacturing with a specific focus on precision and ultra precision machining. The main objective of my research is to enhance competitiveness of machining operations by improving productivity and quality while reducing cost. The approach taken involves a detailed framework for selecting and developing tooling followed by process optimization which aims to fully utilize the capabilities of the tool and machine.

Lab: JHE 109, 109a, 112

Phone: 905-525-9140 ext. 27800

Block Heading

B. Eng and Mgmt. McMaster University, 1990; M. Eng., Carnegie Mellon University, 1992; Ph.D., McMaster University, 1998