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Keena Trowell

Dr. Keena Trowell


Metal-water reactions, hydrogen production, energy storage, sustainable energy carriers and fuels

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Keena Trowell’s primary research interests are metal-water reactions, hydrogen energy, and energy storage. A shift to low-carbon and zero-carbon energy is necessary to arrest climate change. Renewable power is rapidly decreasing in price, but a key challenge remains: how to store that energy and move that energy. Seasonal energy storage and international trade of clean energy is especially needed.

Hydrogen is the logical base fuel for a decarbonized energy system, nevertheless, challenges related to its handling, storage, and transportation persist. In her research, Dr. Trowell has proposed metal-water reactions as a method to produce hydrogen on-demand and in situ. Her patented research on supercritical metal-water reactions demonstrates that coarse aluminum particles will fully react to produce hydrogen on-demand.

The longterm objective of her research is to develop power solutions that will work for hard to decarbonize sectors. Her research interests include:

• Supercritical water oxidation
• Power-to-X and circular fuels
• Clean energy solutions for remote, off-grid regions
• Clean fuelling strategies for applications such as remote industry, long-distance transportation and transoceanic shipping
• The confluence of energy and water resources, dubbed the water-energy nexus
• Life-cycle assessment of novel clean energy carriers
• Techno-economic analysis of clean energy carriers and systems

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  • B.F.A., Concordia, 2001
  • B.Eng., Concordia, 2014
  • PhD., McGill, 2022

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