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McMaster Engineering Student Ambassador Program

McMaster Engineering Student Ambassador Program

Our MacEng Student Ambassadors are the souls of recruitment, integral to the success of our recruitment efforts and mentors to our future students! Student Ambassadors are passionate and enthusiastic about sharing their experiences, providing advice and offering guidance to prospective students interested in pursuing a McMaster Engineering program (BTech, Computer Science, Engineering 1 and/or iBioMed).

Please note that applications are closed for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

Have questions? You’re welcome to email the Recruitment Team at

Responsibilities & Opportunities

Curious to know what some of the main responsibilities that are asked of our Student Ambassadors are and what fun opportunities they get to be a part of?

Event Engagement Learn More

The Recruitment Team holds several events to promote McMaster Engineering! At these events, our Student Ambassadors are involved as speakers and presenters highlighting their experiences or are involved in a booth to respond to questions that are asked by the attendees. Events are an amazing way for our future students to hear first-hand what the student experience entails! Check out the recordings from one of our favourite events held last year here!

1:1 Connections Learn More

Future students appreciate the opportunity to connect and engage with our current students in a 1:1 setting to get their individual questions answered. These connections could be created from various event opportunities, being present on public digital channels or through outreach on social media. However, all of our Student Ambassadors will have the awesome opportunity to speak with students through our UniBuddy platform here and build strong relationships!

Marketing & Promotional Presence Learn More

The voices of our current students matter and we’re always looking for ways to promote your experiences! You’ll have several opportunities to be involved in many marketing and promotional invitiatives which also includes social media engagement. This could look like sharing testimonials, doing Instagram take-overs, providing feedback, writing an article for Fireball Diaries and more!

Student Ambassador Committees

In addition to supporting events, connecting 1:1 and being involved in marketing initiatives – our Student Ambassadors also have the option to get involved in ambassador committees! These committees are a pheneomenal way to contribute your own ideas, support projects, and meet other students.

What was your favourite experience in the Student Ambassador program?

We asked some of our past Student Ambassadors what their favourite experience was in this role!


“I loved connecting one on one with future students! Engaging with future students has been a great way to give back to the MacEng community. Having been in the same situation as the incoming students last year, I know how helpful talking with current students can be. It makes me happy to know I have helped them!”


“Creating the first MacEng Tiktok Committee tiktok was an awesome experience! Having fun with content creation and learning a lot about the MacEng community and about inspirational engineers in the broader engineering community has been incredibly rewarding.”


“I  really enjoyed meeting other ambassadors (and of course, future students) at various open houses and virtual events! I’m always amazed by the passion, skill and energy of everyone here at McMaster Engineering!”


“One of the best experiences was during one of the MacEng events – I remember interacting with curious future students and them wanting to know every detail of McMaster! It reminded me of when I was a future student at Mac and wanted to know everything and the special role the ambassadors played to help me. It felt great being able to give back and do the same for others as what was done for me.”

Read more about the Student Ambassador experience through this Fireball Diaries article

Special Notes

A few additional reminder to keep in mind about the Student Ambassador program!