McMaster Engineering Student Ambassador Program – Faculty of Engineering
Students outside JHE (John Hodgins Engineering) Building

McMaster Engineering Student Ambassador Program

  • Applications

    The Mac Eng Student Ambassador Program applications for September 2023 to June 2024 have now closed.

What's involved

As an ambassador, you’ll have key responsibilities and opportunities to help prospective students.

  • Event engagement

    Our team holds several events (Fall Preview, March Break, May@Mac, virtual AMAs and info sessions, etc) to promote MacEng! At these events, our Ambassadors may be involved as speakers highlighting their experiences, participating in Q&As, lending a hand to guests on campus (or virtually), or spreading positive energy in other supporting roles. Events are an amazing way for our prospective students to hear first-hand what the student experience entails!

  • 1:1 connections

    Future students appreciate the opportunity to connect and engage with our current students in a 1:1 setting to get their individual questions answered. These connections could be created from various event opportunities, being present on public digital channels or through outreach on social media. All of our Ambassadors will have the awesome opportunity to speak with students through our UniBuddy platform and build strong relationships!

  • Showcasing the Mac Eng experience

    The voices of our current students matter and we’re always looking for ways to promote your experiences! You’ll have several opportunities to be involved in many marketing and promotional invitiatives which also includes social media engagement. This could look like sharing testimonials, doing Instagram take-overs, providing feedback, sharing your ideas for Fireball Diaries and more!

Student ambassadors

More about the Mac Eng Ambassador Program

The MacEng Ambassador Program application is open to the following:

  • McMaster Undergraduate students (all levels and disciplines) in BTech, CompSci, Eng or iBioMed
    • McMaster Graduate students are only eligible IF they have completed an undergraduate program in BTech, CompSci, Eng or iBioMed at McMaster.
  • Students who are completing a co-op, research or exchange term(s) between the months of September 2023 and June 2024 are welcome to apply. You will likely find yourself supporting primarily virtually depending on your ability to come to campus
  • Students who are passionate about McMaster, MacEng and sharing advice about post-secondary education with various audiences
  • Students who are willing to learn about all MacEng programs, clubs/teams, services, etc (even if they are not directly associated with them) to support all sorts of inquiries

The application form requires you to be logged in with your McMaster email. A few questions will be included in the form, but you will be expected to include/upload an updated Linkedin profile link (or resume if you do not have a LinkedIn) and short video (1-2 minutes) for one of the questions asked.

Please note that the completion of the application does not guarantee your commitment as an Ambassador for the upcoming year. Only successful candidates will be notified by email.

As an Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to engage with prospective students, families, and educators from around the globe. Your passion for STEM and your personal journey will inspire them to pursue their dreams and eliminate doubts. Whether it’s sharing your experiences during campus tours, leading virtual connections, or participating in outreach events, you’ll be representing MacEng.

You’ll develop a variety of skills that extend far beyond the classroom. Building confidence in public speaking and storytelling, learning empathy and problem solving when connecting with prospects, honing your project management abilities, remembering the importance of time management, and so much more. Depending on your roles and projects you get involved with throughout the term, this experience will set you up for success in any future endeavor.

It’s not always about serious business! We want to know your ideas about anything involving the Program and connecting with prospective students. The MacEng Ambassador Program also believes in building connections among your peers. You’ll join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for all things MacEng. Our Ambassador Experience Committee will focus on executing social events and creative sessions as well as continuously gathering feedback to help us continue improving the Program.

We understand that you may have other commitments, including your academics or other student groups. The program is designed to be flexible, where you can participate in as few or as many opportunities as you want! However, we do expect you to stay up to date by reviewing the MS Teams group regularly and contribute to discussions.

The more you engage with this position, the more enjoyable and rewarding it becomes. For instance, joining a committee lets you focus on and contribute to meaningful projects and bring ideas to life. Volunteering for events allows you to witness firsthand the impact you’re making on future students. It’s a win-win scenario where what you give is precisely what you receive.

If you are interested in swag, merch, reference letters, endorsements, and more, we try to offer various incentives to thank our ambassador for their commitments.

Get involved

Leading prospective students, families, or high school groups through our MacEng Tour route to share facts, personal or peer experiences, advice and answering questions.

Weekly scheduled tours are currently planned for Fridays 10am, 12pm, 2pm. If you are not available to support Fridays during a given semester you will be put on the roster of guides who can support with private or high school requests for other days of the week and open house tours.

– Mac Eng Tour Lead (1)
– Mac Eng Tour Guides

Focused on bringing Mac Eng student stories to life. Whether you are sharing your own experiences or helping a student showcase theirs, the topics are endless – specific courses or projects, clubs & team involvement, co-op or research placements, food recommendations, advice on starting university, random spots to study around campus, event coverage, or anything you heart desires!

– Fireball Diaries Lead (1)
– Fireball Diaries Writers (6)

Involved in the creation and promotion of MacEng content and media, including photography, videography, interviews, social trends (Instagram & TikTok) and more.  

– Content Creator Lead (1) – Not Available
– Event Reporters (4)
– Trendsetters (4)

Engaging the MacEng Ambassador Team by running meetings and socials, celebrating our students’ accomplishments, and collecting feedback to support the continuous development of the Program.

– Ambassador Experience Lead (2)
– Ambassador Experience Assistants (3)

Responsible for answering student queries, providing insight on McMaster programs and services, and generally speaking to the Mac Eng experience via forums like Discord, Reddit, and other relevant avenues.

– Fireball Forums Lead (1)
– Fireball Forums Experts (4)

Our ambassadors' favourite experiences

  • Amy

    “Engaging with future students has been a great way to give back to the MacEng community. Having been in the same situation as the incoming students last year, I know how helpful talking with current students can be. It makes me happy to know I have helped them!”

  • Evie

    “Creating the first Mac Eng TiktTok Committee was an awesome experience! Having fun with content creation and learning a lot about the Mac Eng community and about inspirational engineers in the broader engineering community has been incredibly rewarding.”

  • Gabriel

    “I really enjoyed meeting other ambassadors (and of course, future students) at various open houses and virtual events! I’m always amazed by the passion, skill and energy of everyone here at McMaster Engineering!”

  • Maryam

    “Interacting with curious future students wanting to know every detail of McMaster reminded me of when I was learning about Mac and the support I received from ambassadors. It felt great being able to give back and do the same for others as what was done for me.”

Contact the Mac Eng Ambassador Program Advisor